hanging by a thread

while Marcie try her best to keep alive she was bullied by harry styles and NIall horan but her rescuer would not be the one she excpected


3. cheer

when Marcie was on her way to cheerleading tryouts  she bump into harry  as she made her way through the doors harry grab her arm and said I want you back she gave a confused look and just keep walking on!





I was on my way to cheerleading tryouts harry stop me and said he want me back I did not know what to think so I keep going I see Austin trying out for football so I feel at easy I think to myself if I make it  I know I can accomplish anything without him but I like Austin more than anything he been there through everything should I give him a chance or just go back to harry you had a lot going on but than you went down and sat with your best friend.


they start calling names and you were second to last name to be called you gave it everything Austin watched you the whole time and you went down and sat back with your friend she was like you did good and her name got called and she gave it everything she just sat down and the couch's said the results will be up tomorrow your best friend walk away like something was bothering her so you left the gym and Austin was waiting for you



I watch Marcie at practice she did good and I did not want her to think I was creping so I went to my locker and got my books put them in my bag and went back to the gym Marcie walk out right as I was arriving I said how try outs go she said good but my friend acting weird at the end of her try out and she walk off look like she was creep out or something. I look over at her and said oh dang thinking to myself I really like Marcie but I don't want too runin  are friendship so just tell myself  I find out tomorrow if I made the football team


next day I check the board out  I made the team and Marcie walks in and she looks amazing in the dress she wearing and walk right over the the board and sees she made the squad her friend walk in and check she did not make it her friend looks disappointed Marcie pulls her in for a hug and she Denys and walks away so Marcie walks up to me and ask if I made the team I said yes and she screams and says I made the squad 



so we hug than she walks away and I walk to first period and I sit in the backwhile Marcie sits in the front


a/N im lazy so im skip to cheer practice



as Marcie got her uniform and practice she made cheer caption and there first game was Friday  so im ask her than to be my girlfriend


A/N do you think that Austin will have the courage to ask Marcie out

:D should I continue my loves


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