Moving minds

The light shone through my window waking me up gently. I sat up and stretched not noticing the body laying next to me...


4. wonders

Why did he remind so much of- 'crap, it can't be true?! Can it?' I questioned myself I walk up to SST and as I walked in I felt the floor on my ass, again. I looked up wondering the cause. There stood indeed directions Louis. 'Am I dreaming?-'

'I remember you from somewhere.' He said

'You haven't got a great memory then?!

'Ok with that attitude I know where I know you from... Jenna! It's been a while'

'No shit... Sorry it's been a day first I bump into a tall blonde boy and now you'

'Aaah I need to take you to the diner after and explain...'

'No no no... You know the blonde dude don't you?'

'Eeeh his name is niall he is part of one direction'

'Aha I knew it!! I knew I know him from somewhere!'

'Umm maybe it's better if we go now...'

He'd grab me by the waist and pull me out of SST then realise how awkward I felt so he'd put his arm round m shoulder instead. He'd open the passenger door for me then walk round to the driver.

'The closest diner is down left at the bottom of the hill.'

'I know' he'd say 'the boys are there an so is niall so don't stare at him he gets it a lot looking like the youngest.'

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