Moving minds

The light shone through my window waking me up gently. I sat up and stretched not noticing the body laying next to me...


6. the setting of a date

As the boys leave and me Anthony finally leaves it's just me and Louis left.. "So do you know me and El have currently broken up?"

"No I don't stalk you guys it was a joke but weren't you engaged?" I ask him. "We were bit it wasn't really working out for us so I decided we weren't right for each other.." Louis says mumbling. "I'm sorry to hear... One u did know about you is that you loved her very much". I say trying to sound sympathetic but deep down I was fangirling. "Maybe we could go out tonight? I hear there's a club down in town near za za bizzares?" Louis asks me. " ok but you need to help me sneak out" I agree. "I'm glad I know you already... If I asked that to say nia if that was her name shed probably scream and shout ad tweet it." Louis comments. " well I know you in person" I smile. "Well where'd you live? I drop you off" Louis offers. "I'll direct you" I smile getting into his car

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