Moving minds

The light shone through my window waking me up gently. I sat up and stretched not noticing the body laying next to me...


5. the diner chat

Me and Louis try to get past all the fans

Louis? Is she your girlfriend?" Grow up, get a life, realise the truth then see if you can spread lies worse than you are today

Her face looks disgusted and Louis laughs at my still looking forward. Eventually we reach the diner...

"Oh Louis from one direction" I try to act cool " I need to go patter my nose..." I say walking off... Scratch that... Skipping off. When I get in the toilet I scream and dance having a total fan girl moment. I look in the mirror and sort myself out brushing me down. I breath in and walk over to the table.

"So boys.. Long time never seen.." "You always were the joker I'm primary.." Louis says laughing at me again. I suddenly get hit with loads of questions

You were the girl I bumped into in the hallway

Louis always spoke about a girl he met in primary

We're you two good friends

Nice clothes...

I knew who said these by their voices.

Yes (looking at niall)

Does he (looking at Harry)

Very good friends (Liam)

Thanks? I say looking at zany weirdly

"What can't a guy notice what looks nice on a girl?" He says blushing

"Not in public though. Say it to Petrie tonight when you take em off" Harry says laughing. "Dude.... Not funny... I ain't seeing her tonight" "so Jenna. How's life been?" "Stalkerific!! But not as stalker girl as my friend nia... She knows what you had for dinner 5years ago..." " not even I remember that and I love meh fooood" "so do I!" I look at niall and all the others stare at me.. I notice breathing on my neck. I look up and see a tall bald angry man gritting his teeth. "Uighur hey mr Anthony.., heh". "I see you met one direction enrolling in our school for a couple of years. Your in the same classes as most of these boys. But not in the same detention!"

"Um sir it's not her who should be getting detention it's me... I brought her here." Louis said raising his hand slightly. " and I delayed her into getting to SST because I made her fall." Niall said. They both looked pretty scared of mr Anthony which made me giggle "sir... I meant it in class don't eat us" I say making the boys laugh into the table..

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