Moving minds

The light shone through my window waking me up gently. I sat up and stretched not noticing the body laying next to me...


9. part 2 of the date

Louis pov

Jenna looks gorgeous standing the smiling and talking I watch her lips whilst drinking my beer slowly I grab her hand and tell her to follow me. She looks worried but follows me anyways I take her backstage slipping past the security. "Louis where are we going?" I don't answer her and pull her into an empty room. "Louis?!" "Jenna, these past hours with you today has made me feel happy and I need to be with you my heart is telling me that..." I say to her. She looks shocked I hope that didn't scare her off. She stares at me staring at her some people may say awkward silence but it's not it's waiting silence. The silence that you want to stop by doing what I'm going to do right now. I put my drink down on the table and walk towards her she backs up until she is against the wall "trapped!" I laugh and she laughs to. Phew she isn't scared I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my torso our foreheads touch then our nose and our lips are about a couple of inches away. A few seconds pass and a grab her cheeks and kiss her. She kisses back not pulling away. At least I haven't made a fool of myself. It starts getting heated and we fall onto the sofa.

Jenna's pov

When we fall onto the sofa our lips part I look at the time on my phone. "Louis it's been great but I need to get home" "ok" he says back getting up then pulling me up. He kisses my forehead. Wow. He makes me feel special.

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