Moving minds

The light shone through my window waking me up gently. I sat up and stretched not noticing the body laying next to me...


11. Nialls date

Nialls pov

"Your looking beautiful today" I'd say kissin her cheeks. "I'll pay" I smiled. We walked up to the front desk and bought tickets for swimming. Boy she looked beautiful. "See you in the swimming pool.." She'd say to me. I think she's confused why I brought her here. And how i somehow got her number. Come to think of it how did I get her number. I got changed and walked to the edge of the pool where I saw her sitting there on the side dangling her legs into the pool. I'd walk in and splash her laughing. "Mind meh hair" she said laughing covering her face. I'd hold my nose and go under water and I'd go to her feet I'd then pull her in "aaaah!" She said flapping her arms about before stabilising herself. She'd splash me playfully. "Why did you bring me here today?" Se asked me once we had calmed down slightly. "The way you looked at me when I walked Into you just made my heart burst" I say blushing

Jenna's pov

We'd pause for a moment and then I'd go under the water forgetting about washing my hair just before. I swim to the deep end and once I get there I came up gasping for air "that was too much energy. I need food now" I giggled. Niall had somehow already gotten to the deep end and walking holding me by the waist until I got enough air to keep myself up. "Aha just like me. Your really light do you know that?" He told me. "Umm that's just the water holding my weight" I looked down and luckily water still dripping from my hair and face hid the tears. "Don't cry. It's not the water your light anyways" he said lifting my chin up and whip in my tears and my hair out of my face. He noticed I was still slightly upset. "So shall we get some food from the cafe then?" He said changing he subject. "Sure.."

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