Moving minds

The light shone through my window waking me up gently. I sat up and stretched not noticing the body laying next to me...


8. Louis and Jenna's first date

Jenna's pov

I hope he and el hasn't got back together in the last 3 hours. Why isn't he here yet? I say pacing up and down. Maybe he realised he don't like me anymore. Normally happens. Suddenly I hear a bang on my window I look out and see Louis stood there looking damn fine. "I couldn't find a small stone!" He shouts up a giggle and dangle my feet out. " it's not that high jump and I'll catch you" he shouts up bless him. "If it helps try climbing down the tree!" He recommends. I look down at my shoes "I think it'll be better if you catch me" I choose "good idea.. Ready?!"

We reach the club and notice theres loads of screaming fans Louis puts his sunglasses on and slides down in his seat. I copy him because I don't want my parents seeing me in his car on the magazine. He drives round the back. "This leads backstage?" I say to him. "We can go in the the door inside leading to backstage no one will no we were ever here" he looks at me and smiles

Btw this is part 1 I can't do anymore tonight so recommend this to you friends please I'll be updating it more often now I know people are reading it :) night night

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