Closer Than You Think...

Rebecca Somers is Chaz's sister. She's 17, and was born the same day on her best friends birthday, the one and only: Justin Bieber. With only a year difference. Then, Justin started dating Makayla Donofrio and he starts to turn to "the walking dead", aka the popular kids. Becca doesn't want to lose a friendship that's 17 years old. Theres only one way to talk to him, with him Chaz wants her to stay off that website, with all the cyber bullying that's going on. Then he invites her to one of his parties, not knowing its Becca. ~READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS~


3. ~No Way~

~Thursday February 27th 3:32 pm.~ I came in to the house and Chaz had Ryan over and was watching Shark Week. I ran upstairs to my room and pulled out my Apple laptop. I knew what I was about to do, was bad. Not illegal bad, but against my brothers rules bad. It might have been illegal to him though. I didn't have a mom or dad to care about what I was about to do. They both were in 9/11, and I'm pretty sure were both dead. They kinda just disappeared, so me and Chaz were left on our own...and he swore to dad that if anything happened to them, he would take care of me. I pulled up Google Chrome and searched A site I knew Justin used. I clicked "Sign up". (Not real acct.) I made my username as Princess3194, with the digits of my birthday. I did my password as fuckpasswords. Very clever, I know. I created it and filled out my profile. I know I shouldn't be doing this, knowing Chaz would kill me if he knew. He didn't want me to use this site, because of all the cyber-bullying happening and him being afraid I would give out my information. Like WTF BRO, I'm 17... not 4. I know he's my brother and he loves me. But still. My door flew open. It was Ryan. Ry: Do you want ...BE- I cut him off. Me: Ry, please don't tell Chaz, I need to communicate with Jay somehow. Please! Ry: Ugh...Fine. But only because I love you. Me: So you do love me? Huh? HUH? Ry: Fuck you. ME: So what did yah need? Ry: Chaz wanted to know if you wanted spaghetti, for your Bieber Fever or whatever. Me: HEY CHAZ!!! Chaz: WHATIE??? ME: FUCK YOU!!! Chaz: FUCK YOU TOO!!! Ryan left shortly after that. And thanks to him I knew Justin's user AND password, and may I say...he must miss me too, always needing to type becca_jay. Or maybe he just can't change it. I searched him, and of course...there he was. Bieber3194 : Online. I clicked "start conversation". I began to type. Here goes nothing (P=Becca, B=Justin). P: Hi. B: Heyyyy, i'm Justin Bieber. P: XxClassifiedxX. B: Please tell me your name princess!!! P: Idk... B: I guess i'll just call you princess. P: okie(:. B: I guess I should tell you about myself. Will you tell me your name if I do so? P: Maybe. B: I'm Justin Bieber, my age is 17, I was born on March 1st 1994. I love purple, dogs and spaghetti, music, and princesses. P: Okay my turn. My name is Rebecca (Pause...I'll change the last name...first name? IDK WHAT TO DO. I DON'T WANT HIM TO KNOW ABOUT ME. UGH) Williams, age 17, born 3-1-94. I love purple and blue, dogs, spaghetti, music and princes. AND I <3 MUSIC. B: Tell me who created you, I'd thank her. P: Lol. B: Hey, I know we just met...but you sound familiar. Do you go to Stratford High? P: Yes, lived in Stratford for 17 years. B: Well, i'm having a party tomorrow. To celebrate my birthday...and maybe yours too. It's at 6:30 to midnight. Like a New Years Eve thing..Lol. Be there? (I hesitated...maybe I can make a disguise.) P: Maybe, if I knew your address. (FAKE) B: 132 Cinnamon St. Can I have your #? P: No. But i'll def be there. B: understood. Can't wait. #excited. P: lol xD. Just realized: Boy on Cinnamon St. B: Surprisingly, i've read it. P: Ok, I'll ttyl #tired. xoxo. B: Gotcha. ttyl xoxo. *logged off* I just realized I talked to Justin for the first time in forever. Wow. I shut my laptop and set it on my desk. No way, i thought. Can i pull this off? I fell asleep shortly after that, dreaming of a perfect outfit and disguise, then it came to me. And I woke pure sunshine, smiling like an idiot.
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