Closer Than You Think...

Rebecca Somers is Chaz's sister. She's 17, and was born the same day on her best friends birthday, the one and only: Justin Bieber. With only a year difference. Then, Justin started dating Makayla Donofrio and he starts to turn to "the walking dead", aka the popular kids. Becca doesn't want to lose a friendship that's 17 years old. Theres only one way to talk to him, with him Chaz wants her to stay off that website, with all the cyber bullying that's going on. Then he invites her to one of his parties, not knowing its Becca. ~READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS~


4. ~No mas Jakayla~

~Becca's P.O.V. Friday, February 28th~  

I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I quickly washed my hair. I dried it and curled it. I scurried over to my closet and opened it. I put on my Creeper shirt, shorts, and green vans with black laces. I grabbed my black beanie, and put it perfectly on my head. I grabbed my galaxy backpack and ran downstairs, to see lucky charms and a note. It was from Chaz. Note: Ryan picked me up. Made you some magical ass lucky charms. xD. Love you!!! ~Chazie. I ate quickly and went into the garage to get my skateboard. I had a car, it was a black Mustang with a purple stripe, and purple rims. What can I say. My mom gave it to me. I got the purple added. I like to ride my skateboard on days that are special. I set out. I "boarded" down the street to Stratford High. I did a few tricks on the way. What? I'm REALLY happy. When i got to school, I hopped off my skateboard and held it to my side. I walked inside and eyes were on me. I wasn't even wearing close to what "The walking dead" (AKA pops) wore. Talk about Versace madness. I stick to Rue 21, Hot Topic, Journeys...normal people stores. I did put time into my hair, now that I thought about it. I made my way to locker, I put my skateboard in and grabbed my math textbook, along with my English. I ran to Justin's locker and dropped in the card I made for him. I ran to a table in the sitting area in the middle of our main hall. Breonna happened to be sitting there. I sat next to her. Bre: I saw what you did. Your lucky Makayla didn't see it. Me: I know. I thought about how 2 months ago, when I took that picture of Makalya Donofrio, with her ex, Justin Bay, not her boyfriend Justin Bieber. They were all kiss-kiss at the mall, the same day she told Jay that she was "sick" and she blew him off for a man whore. Wow. I put that picture in the card. It's not his birthday, so don't tell me I ruined his birthday. And even If it was March 1st right now, it still wouldn't be bad. I've seen the annoyed faces he gives when she comes around sometimes. Bre: Earth to Becca, hello? He's at his locker. Donobitcho is there too. I looked from Breonna to his locker. He entered in his combination and out came 4 or 5 birthday cards. I bet not one of them was Makayla's. She never remembered anyone's birthday, not even her own. He only picked one up. It was mine. It was a white envelope with Justin written in purple. He opened it, read it a couple of times, in disbelief. I wouldn't blame him. I told him I would never speak to him again. He looked up and scanned the room for me. When he caught me, he smiled, like an idiot. Then he noticed the photo. His smile faded. Into Anger. He looked up, towards me. He mouthed "thank you". Then all hell broke loose. Makayla and him definitely made a scene. I began to make my way to first period. Then I felt a hand on my arm. It was him. Justin: Will you ditch with me. We need to talk. I smiled. Me: Most definitely we do, lets ditch. And with that, we were running to his Ferrari.   

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