Closer Than You Think...

Rebecca Somers is Chaz's sister. She's 17, and was born the same day on her best friends birthday, the one and only: Justin Bieber. With only a year difference. Then, Justin started dating Makayla Donofrio and he starts to turn to "the walking dead", aka the popular kids. Becca doesn't want to lose a friendship that's 17 years old. Theres only one way to talk to him, with him Chaz wants her to stay off that website, with all the cyber bullying that's going on. Then he invites her to one of his parties, not knowing its Becca. ~READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS~


1. ~Nightmare~

I walked upstairs, on my way to bed. I passed by Chaz's room saying good night. Chaz: Love you sis. Me: Love you too bra. Chaz: I'M NOT A BRA AND NEVER WILL BE. Me: Never say never. Chaz: Fuck you. I walked into my bedroom, and slipped on my Joe Boxer pajamas. I threw myself onto the bed, and drifted to dreamland. ~a few minutes later~ I walked into school, and I saw my best friend, Makalya Donofrio. Mak: Hey Bec. Me: Hey Mak. We hugged and we passed Justin, who a few seconds later caught up. Justin: Hey Becky, hey um...Becky's friend. Makalya eyed him, liking what she saw. I ignored it. ~A month later~ Me: I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. JUSTIN WHY WOULD YOU DATE HER KNOWING I HATE HER NOW. Justin: I think someones jealous. I bursted into tears, and instead of feeling justin hugging me, he left. He left me...Alone. Someone was yelling at me. Was he coming back? I wanted to hide. I woke up. Chaz: SIS, SIS, SISSY WAKE THE FUCK UP. I opened my eyes. Me: C-Chaz? Chaz: I'm here. You were screaming...his name. Me: I-I was? I had a nightmare...about what happened to me and Jay. Chaz: oh, well um...see you in the morning... And with that he left. I wanted to cry, thinking about justin and makayla and all that. I was done, i lost my best friend to my ex bestfriend. I thought about it. I knew what I wanted to do. How did you like it? I'm doing chapter 2 right after I eat. Love you boos<3
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