Closer Than You Think...

Rebecca Somers is Chaz's sister. She's 17, and was born the same day on her best friends birthday, the one and only: Justin Bieber. With only a year difference. Then, Justin started dating Makayla Donofrio and he starts to turn to "the walking dead", aka the popular kids. Becca doesn't want to lose a friendship that's 17 years old. Theres only one way to talk to him, with him Chaz wants her to stay off that website, with all the cyber bullying that's going on. Then he invites her to one of his parties, not knowing its Becca. ~READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS~


5. ~Confession~

~Becca's POV~

We got in his car. We drove to the mall. We didn't speak the whole way there. We walked in and we sat at Panera. Me: Jay I have to tell you something. Do you know a girl named Rebecca Williams? Well she's here. Justin: Really??? Where? Me: I'll go get her. I walked out of sight, I looked to see if he was looking. He wasn't, good. I walked back and sat in front of him. He looked up. Justin: I knew it was you Becca. ME: Y-you did? Justin: Yeah. I'm sorry. Me: for what Jay? Justin: For putting you in the situation, where you couldn't talk to me, not even see me. It's my fault for not respecting the fact that you didn't like her then. Me: No stop. You did nothing wrong. I'm not mad. Justin leaned in and kissed me. I couldn't believe it. I swear it lasted 10 minutes. Then we pulled apart. Justin: Thank you... He whispered. TBC... ( to be continued) 

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