One day


1. My memory of you

Jasmine p.o.v

It all started when you came into my life.I was just a new kid at school that's where we meet.i remember it like yesterday. I Never really had close friends but you where there to pick me up when I fell. It all started with friendship but I really madly feel in love with you ........ Just you, your personality.But I never knew if you if loved me! I never told anyone I loved you! I was scared it would ruin our friendship.For about 6 years i never told you NEVER! 6 years I loved you and missed you!In 4th grade you moved to rode island ...... It was painful.I remember how much I cried and cried. I was going to miss our friendship and you. When you made my laugh so hard i almost peed. Your smile was cute and the way you laughed and the way you help me threw the ups and downs! I missed it. It was hard with out you!But if I could tell you one thing it would be I LOVED you! I remember when I found out that you lived near me across the street.I remember when you came out side we played and you squirt me with a water gun! Oh the good memories! And the time we lay down looking at the sky.And the last time we had to say good bye you promised me something that you would never forget me EVER!!!!!!I don't know if you remember me we where just kids! But I hope you didn't and I wished you come back to me! I love you Zayn Malik!

Zayn p.o.v

Oh my god I am going back to England and I cannot wait to go back to my home town!I cannot wait to go back to my old mates! Especially my mate Fred .We had some great times!oh the good memories!

"Hey mom what's up?How was work?", Zayn said.

"Hi, honey!Work was great!How was your day!", Zayn's mother replied.

"It was really great!I cannt believe where going back to England!I cannt wait until I see my old buddies again!Oh god I bet you that Liam, Naill, Harry, and Louis are so grown by now. They went threw puberty and like all the girls are like crushing on them!I feel like I am missing this one person that helped me threw the ups and downs! But I don't really remember that person!Well mom and me are done packing up and where going to move to New Jersey!Cannt wait!!!!

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