Blood Royal

Book 2 in Bloodlines series.

Irina Bane hasn't got her life together. She found her mate but was soon after was taken away from him. Now she wants to get back to him but at cost? Will she have to turn to the darkest places for answers? Or will she make it back to him, alive?


3. Chapter Three

I know I'm updating late and its been a lately thing for me since I have been lazy. Anyways, I want to write this so enjoy.

In Alice's room

I reached over to touch her. But I pulled back. I watched her sleep. As she turned and rolled all over the bed.

My wolf wanted me to connect to her. Well to actually create a bond so that we know if she's in trouble or safe.

"We cant just cast a spell on her." I told him.

"She would be grateful."

"We both know she will wont be grateful. She would probably cause us not to have future babies. I'm not taking that risk." I explained to him.

He grunt in respond.

I sigh and minded linked Alice to my office. As i exited her room, i gave the guards strict rules about the safety of her and to guard her all times. Alice met me half way to my office.

"I'm guessing this is a life/death situation and we have to boost border patrol?" she asked.

"Something like that." I answer as we enter my office.

My trusted guards and high rankers were already sitting down. They rose then bow in respect as I walk to my chair. Everyone takes their seat and waits for me to begin.

"As you all have noticed, we have guest. I want all the males in this territory to know their place and not to touch her," all the males groan," she's young to even be here. I don't want her to be caught on in our conversations or being a target. It would be easier if you would just stay clear from her."
They nodded.

"So what's the life and death issue?" Alice asked.

I sigh.
 "I had a visitor earlier. It was a witch." Alice looked pissed," They were delivering a message."
"Did they?" she asked.
I smiled.
"That's the interesting part. They told me that they want to see you but I told them that you were handling business. They were furious and left to where the hell they came from." I explained.
"So, what's the problem?" My beta, Will, asked.
"The problem is that they headed north." everyone's eyes widen.
" Onto Triton's "territory" and there were some unusual things about those witch's." I thought." They wore black. All of them and they were so depressed and angry."
"No wonder they came here." Alice murmured and turned to us." I say that someone of the witch community died. That person is very important because only certain clan would be taking it to far into wolves territory. The witches wouldn't take it this far."
Everyone waited for me to respond.
"This isn't our business. We wont attack them unless they do to us." I told them.
They nodded in agreement expect Alice.
"They aren't going to stop. They're going to keep pressuring us until we give in." she spoke.
 I shrugged.

"We'll deal with it until then!"


I gulp as I looked over the cliff. The waves were angrily hitting the rocks. I looked behind me, people challenged me to jump. I looked over to the ocean and closed my eyes.

"Don't jump. This isn't real." my mind screamed to me.

"Why?" I question myself," only talking to myself makes me crazier than jumping off a cliff."

"It's just an illusion, they're using you." I ignore the warning and closed my eyes.

I breath in and jump off.

I waited. I waited for the pain or the feeling of cold water to be on my skin. Nothing. Absolutely nothing happen.

I opened my eyes. Someone grabbed the opening of their cape and stepped out of it. It was a lady. She stared at me from top to bottom like she was examining me. She nodded and two girls in the room removed their capes. They all stared at me. I noticed that everyone had green eyes and give me a bad feeling. I shook it off and glared at every single person.

"What the hell is this?" I yelled.

I was about to stand but I couldn't. I looked down to my legs but they were tied down to a chair. I was tied down to a chair.

I sigh. The lady, seems to be the leader, she smiled at me. Was it welcoming or another trick?

"This," gesturing to the people behind her," is a coven."

I scoff.

"Enough with witchy bullshit. I've had enough problems with you guys and dealing with the fact I was kidnapped and now in a rogue pack. Not exactly how I imagine my future but this is what happens when I end up in witch business. So I have learned my lesson, can I be on my way back from wherever this is." I looked around my surroundings.

It looked as if it was a calm place to be. At first it was dark and you would see nothing but darkness. After a while, your surroundings will change into a magical garden. Flowers, steams, grass, etc.

I suddenly stood up and continued to look at the beautiful place we were in.

"What is this place?" I asked as I gently touched a butterfly.

"Nirvana, it's a place where most witch's souls go to after their bodies have died." she answered.

"So I'm dead?" I looked at her, shocked.

She laughed and shook her head. 

"The witches have enough power to come into this place so that we seek answers from past witches or to have a break from the drama that supernatural brings." she responds.

"So basically I could have been here that whole time when I was kidnapped. I could have bring my mom's sorry ass here." I spoke.

"She probably knew but it isn't the best idea to come here." she steps closer to me," You would have to use dark magic to come here or even to send a body here. That's why most witch's wont speak of this place. It brings darkness to a persons heart, it destroys a person."

"Then why are you using it?" I raised my brow.

"I have a Covent, they relay on us to bring back witch's from our coven, here."

I nodded and let what she said sink in.

"Then what does this have to do with me?" I backed away from her. 

"We need justice for our people. The recent death in witches have increased and we know its not a natural cause. We need someone we can rely on and that is strong." she said.

"How do you know I'm strong? For all we know I could be the reason to the downfall in witch's and bring us all to DEATH." I yelled.

"Well its a good thing your not a downfall. We will be watching over you and probably drop some surprises or....test to see what actually lies in your heart and your decision to helping our kind." she explained.

"Your wasting your time." I told her.

"I'll prove you wrong when someone close you to slips away."


I opened my eyes. My vision was blur but subsided when I push myself off the bed. I looked at my surroundings.

Alice's room.

I breath in slight relief that it was only a dream.

"Alice would explain everything." the women's voice ran through my mind.

Or I spoke too soon.


I ran as my guards chase me through the house. Apparently I was suppose to stay inside the room until Alpha gives his orders.

"Come back here. It was alpha's orders." one of them yells at me.

"Alpha's order my ass." I told them.

I should have bit my tongue since they growled at me and their eyes turned yellow. I took that as a sign to run faster. In the process I scream "bloody murder" and people turn to watch us. I thought they would help but instead they moved out the way and even some tried to slow my down. I glared at all of them and run into a large room with large doors. I paused as everyone inside looked at me. The alpha was inside. The guards were right behind me when I caught Alice sitting down. Now I was pissed off.

I walked up to her but my guards pulled my back.

"This is all your fault," she looked at me in disbelief," your fault because they found me. They want to use me. Want me to use dark magic. They want me to pick a side. I don't mix well wit being under pressure. Also to mention that it cost a life and got ME KIDNAPPED when I was trying to help witches." As I yelled, two glass windows broke and most wolves flinched.

"So please tell me you have a good explain for all of this crap and well enough a plan to keep those witch's out of my life." I glared at her.

She has an unreadable expression before bursting out with giggles.

"And tell me why would they want to you use?" she asked with a.....challenging  look .

"She's challenging us." my wolf told me.

"Why jealous that I might be better than you?" she laughs," Oh wait, I am better because she asked me to help her and not you."

She rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, I wont argue with you." she responded.

She was hiding something.


So yeah I am starting the next chapter so I will update date one of these days so don't worry, I wont take a year off break.



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