Blood Royal

Book 2 in Bloodlines series.

Irina Bane hasn't got her life together. She found her mate but was soon after was taken away from him. Now she wants to get back to him but at cost? Will she have to turn to the darkest places for answers? Or will she make it back to him, alive?


6. Chapter Six

I'm sorry for the late update and I'm going to be honest. I was going to update earlier but I kinda got sidetracked and I wanted to finish this high school program I have to go to summer. I just finished a couple days ago so I wanted some time to myself and to get my thoughts together. I am on track I want to write. I have ideas and I will be making more projects but I really want to finish my books. I will be updating "Is This Real?". I haven't updated that book in at least least a month or so but I will finish that book so don't worry. I really want to finish these books before start my new project so you could look forward to that. I already talked too much about me so please enjoy to do chapter 6 and I will be updating "Triton"  and "Is This Real?" soon.

"I have perfect vision but I didn't see that someone else was claiming my mate."

Werewolves have the largest popultion in the supernatural world. We are dominate and try to balance the things in our lives.   We have one thing in common. We have an inner beast inside of us. Most wolves can control it but others can't. I, on the other hand, have both issues. It's get that I have my wolf in control but I can't seem to control my magic. My magic is part of my life and effects everything I do.

My brother understand what is happening and found a solution.

Locking me up in a basement.

Now I know that if someone tried to do that, I would put up a fight but I know that it's for my own good. It's been weeks since I last saw my mate and I feel like I actually found a family since I meet him.

I sigh at the thought. I lean over the balcony and watched the pack children hurrying to their homes. I look up and saw the night sky's started to form. I felt a warm body appear to me.

"You weren't at dinner." my brother said.

I didn't look at him.

"I wasn't hungry." I respond.

I could feel his stare and the tears that were threatening to fall. I let them fall. I rest my head in my brother's chest.

"I miss him." I sobbed.

He ran his fingers in my hair and wrapped his arms around me. I didn't stop him because I need comfort. I needed my family. I needed my mate.

It wasn't too long ago since I felt a disconnection from our bond. It's like him isn't them or he hasn't been there. It impacted my wolf and I lost control some part of my magic. I was confused at the moment but a witch came to warn me about a war. I don't know how she got inside my head but she managed to and it scared me. Not because she got inside my head but all the things she told me were weird.



I sat up and rolled my eyes.


It wasn't really called dreamland but Nirvana. I called it dreamland since I only come to this place when I'm sleeping. I wasn't surprised when a female lady with dark hair and glowing green eyes stood in front of me. At first, she didn't scare me or creep me out but I stared at her eyes for a while. I felt cold but then I feel power.

"Your probably wondering why your here?" she asked.


"Can you just get to the point? I have things to dream other than this." I snapped.

She smirked.

"She told me that you would Have an attitude problem." she smiles.

I raised my brow," First of all, I don't have an attitude problem."

She shrugged.

"I didn't know witches gossiped." I told her.

She laughed.

"We do many human things." she paused." But I was sent by someone I can't say. She told me to warn you and your brother."

I glared at her.

"Is that a threat?" I growled.

She smiles.

"I do many things but I do not threaten people unless you actually piss me off." she explains.

"Same here." I responded.

"If your not here to threaten me and my brother, then why are you here?" I asked.

"I guess you have to be informed since you will be brought into it. There will be a war of the supernaturals. The wolves are going to declare war on the witches. They are going to treat us like slaves." she says.

"And why would I want to be part of this?" I asked.

"Because maybe you would like to kill that 'bitch' from taking your mate." she responses.

I was upset about what she told me. I thought she was lying so I decided find out the truth myself. I cast a spell to see what's going on in their territory. It turns out that she was right. My mate was with someone else and he was enjoying his life while I'm suffering. I breath in to try to calm down. I pulled away from my brother and thanked him for staying by me.

"Your my little sister. I'll protect you from everything." That brought a smile to me face.

Once again, I hugged him tightly and he laughed. It seemed to amuse the pack members that he can smile.

He shrugged me off and told me to look up to the sky. We looked at the moon above and I hear him sigh.

"I know that your worried." he tells me.

The moon doesn't effect my wolf as it's suppose to. It affects my magic. That's one of the reasons's why I have to be locked up in the basement.



"I don't understand my sister's pain since I will never leave my mate because I'm not that stupid as him."


It hurt's to see my sister in pain. It awakes my dark magic inside me. I don't want to tell Irina because she willtry her best to stop it. Even if it means to use dark magic herself. It's a risk to be around the pack and my mate with this kind of magic growing.


I could hear the thoughts of my wolf thinking of his mate. How he needs her and he needs to see her. I agree but I can't allow people to know that she's my mate.

Not yet.

I looked at Irina to make sure she's asleep before closing the door.

I closed my eyes and felt them open again, it wasn't me. It was my wolf.

I let my magic take me to place I needed to be. I opened my eyes as I watched Melody sleep. I sat beside her and touched her cheek. I got to distracted tat I didn't noticed that the door opened and her brother walked in.


I hoped you enjoyed this chapter.


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