Blood Royal

Book 2 in Bloodlines series.

Irina Bane hasn't got her life together. She found her mate but was soon after was taken away from him. Now she wants to get back to him but at cost? Will she have to turn to the darkest places for answers? Or will she make it back to him, alive?


4. Chapter Four

Okay here's chapter four. Sorry for the errors because I'm typing this on my phone. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



" And I ran. I wasn't sure what I was running from but I sure as hell know I wouldn't be safe just standing there in the middle of nowhere and not do anything because there was something after me and it knows my darkest secret." - Alice

I try to gather my breath as I paused and looked back me. There is nothing to worry about it was nothing there is probably my imagination or a spell gone wrong. ignore all my senses and warnings going to my body. there is still something there with me but it wasn't physically, probably something emotional or someone can reach out to me but I there was nothing for me to do to help them. Or it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Alice I slump down onto my chair and breath out in a sigh of relief. My mother noticed but didnt respond to it as Marcus walked next to her. I glare at him and he just smirked at me as he stood in front of me.

"Alice, such a pleasure to see you." he tells me.

I snort.

"Is it really?" I asked.

He smirks.

"Always have something to say, no wonder your so...interesting." he says.

I smile. "And no worder you aren't." my mother rushs over to us and stares at me in shock.

"Alice, apologize to Marcus." my mother orders me.

I was pissed that my mom was choosing his side over mine but I did as she told me to do. Of course my mom would do that, being a suck up. Yes I know that's it's rude of me to say that but when living in a life of magic and forced to pick between family and life, it takes a toll from you. Macus accepts my apology and smirks at me. Some witch's my age, would take that as a sign like his into you and they would do anything to make him chase after them. I other the hand am different from all of them because I'm not some kind of slut, throwing themselves at many people. Even though all of us have are/have turn on someones back like I am now. You see I was sent to watch over the wolves and become their little witch friend because they need an advantage. So the elders, a bunch of witchs, thought to send me to the wolves so they can learn to trust us. Our plan was going really well until that little witch, Irina, came along and made us change our plan which is why Macus had to call the witch's back for something new plan him and the elders came up with. To be honest, this is really bad because the elders coming up with a plan is like starting world war 3 and possibly 4. Everything to them is starting war or something related to that. I don't want to be part of that, I'm pretty damn sure that my mom doesn't want to be part of that but she's part of the elders and it's important for her to be there and for me to support them. Macus guided us to quiet down the sounds that we were making. Soon there were a couple of elders standing in front of us and began explaining out new plan.

"There is news that there is a new edition to the rogues pack and she is strong but part witch," the witch's behing me gasp," she is suppose to be the daughter of Katherina and her father is Gabriel and this means so many things and possiablities for us if we can get hands on her power. This caould mean a new Era for us as witches and we can rise above them all and rule the world as our generations told us before." Everyone was argeeing but that's the problem, they didn't know what we're about to start and how we will get there to start this new "Era" for us.

Jake, our messanger step up and spoke about the plan.

"We need this new witch so this requires for her to be vulnerable for use to capture her. This will be hard but being vulnerable will let her wolf and magic not defend her when she mostly needs it. We learn that she has several weakness that let her guard down in the past. Her friends and mae being one of her weakness and we can't kidnapp an alpha because we would be violenting the law that we keep safe from the other supernaturals. Our only option is for herself to take herself down so we won't be responible for anything she does. Her weakness can cause her to break down and pull herself into dark magic which will cause an effect on her and make her lose her protective shell that the good magic controls." he tells us.

My mother looks as shocked as everyone in the room but that doesn't stop me from saying what I want.

"This is a stupid plan." I tell the elders.

I take a step a head of me and cross my arms around my chest.
 "Do you not know what happens to people when they get a hold of dark magic. They can't control it. She wouldn't even listen to use or follow our rules or orders because she will be unresponsible and out of control. This isn't a master plan. It's a sucide and who says she won't go to her mate to get her pure magic. What won't make him stop from coming after us and killing us and our coven?" I yell at them.

Jake doesn't look taken back because nothing can catch him off guard. He just takes a step closer to me and makes my chest touch his. I could never tell his pyshical feature because I have never seen him this close up or ever seen him this close to anyone. I could she his light soft blond hair stick in random position but they were perfectly places their. I heard rumors that his eyes were black as his soul but they were actually a light brown that could make you fell intimaidated. His pale and light tan skin made him look pretty hard beside that fact that he was basically murdering me with his eyes.

"Are you questioning my plans?" he askes me in a low and deep voice.

I was was scared so much that I may have peed on his shoes.
"Yes." I manage to say.

He turns to Macus,

"I guess you have to find something else to use," he looks at me," something that wouldn't be questioned."

And with that he turned away and walked out the room. I could feel all eyes on me and I knew I was in deep shit wen I could feel my mother's hands around my arm and tightened as she led me out the room.


"Do you have any idea what you have caused?" she asked me.

"Trying to make sure you guys don't do anything stupid." I replie.

"No, this could mean that they can kick us out and we would be without a coven to protect us." she says.

"I just told him that his plan was stupid because its the truth." I said.

"Well you always push it too far." she tells me. I was about to replie when Macus comes in.

My mother stands up and almost looks scared but she covers it with a blank face.

"Jake wants to see her in his office." he says.

My mom grabs my arm.

"He wants to see her alone."

Well I am in some deep shit. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An update will come soon probably tomorrow and it may be Cameron or Irina POV.

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