Blood Royal

Book 2 in Bloodlines series.

Irina Bane hasn't got her life together. She found her mate but was soon after was taken away from him. Now she wants to get back to him but at cost? Will she have to turn to the darkest places for answers? Or will she make it back to him, alive?


5. Chapter Five

Back on track and I'm starting to write this chapter and I have new ideas.

Anyways, here's chapter 5.


"The moon goddess chose mates for a reason. So we wouldn't be broken, misleaded, or ever to be lonely. It's the half of us and I'm not sure what I would feel if my mate was taken away from me."


It's true. The moon goddess made werewolves. She gave us mates to love and protect.

My name is Cameron. I am different now.

Mates are important to wolves. Our inner wolves have to protect them and keep them happy. I however didn't do any of those things.

My mate was taken away from me when we both just started to have a life together. She is my everything and my wolf can't stop thinking about her but she's now gone. Some changes has happened since the last time I saw her. My father came back but that only caused me and my wolf more stress. My father and I had a big argument which almost caused me to killing him. Thankfully, my wolf managed to calm down to let my father to explain himself. I guess he wanted to come back so I don't lose my mind and my humanity. There is no point in that. I basically have lost everything that means humanity to me and no one can help me because there was only one person that could have helped me. But she's gone.

Now many pack members have told me that I shouldn't give up but there's this part in my heart that is telling me that she will never come back.I can't feel the mate bond. There is this dark and empty part in my soul that can't make the connection go through. Its like there's a wall between us and I can't get past it.

I felt like my father knows what I'm going through becuase he's trying so hard to make me not think about it. Apparently,he made a deal with a witch that he wasn't suppose to make. He is in some deep problems since the spell involves dark magic.

"Its a spell that can make me talk to the dead." he says.

"Who are you talking to?"I asked.

"I have a plan which is supposed to make which is understand why we have laws and why we shouldn't break them." he ingores my question.

"Then why are you breaking them yourself. If you're trying to prove a point then why you are doing the exact same thing you're telling others not to do it?" I ask.

"Sometimes you have to risk and sacrifice to let everyone see what they are doing wrong." I rolled my eyes.

That conversation was at least 2 weeks ago and my father  has changed about me and the werewolves. My father had some plans of his own to make a royalty court. Some  stupid club where the royal families come together and the judge people on breaking laws. You either die or you die and it seems to be alright with everyone.

Second problem, my father has stepped down as alpha and I am next in line. To make matters worse, I am alpha of the werewolf race which sucks because I can't even control children that follow me everywhere. My father doesn't want me spending all my time hoping and dreaming that my mate will come back because I don't feel the bond, he believes that it's time for me to let go continue on my life. I'm only waiting on one person and I'm holding back a whole race and its in my hands to make everyone get along and become responsible. I had to make a decision to spend my life with so I could have help to run the supernatural.


It wasn't my option but it's just so for the pack. They expect me to mate and mark her but I wasn't sure that I want her forever. I responsible for my pack and race. I have to make decision that I may not argee but I will have to push that aside.

My pack understands ha I lost something that was part of me. They see that I still can move forward and make things work no matter how it makes me want disappear. I have to stop thinking about the past and move forward. I  have finally agree with my father and to make this court real and I wont have  a problem with it. Its my job to make sure everything is in place to make sure that no matter how hard it is to lose someone you can keep moving forward. I've been losing some of my humanity.

The only part of my humanity was a gentleman. The difference between a human being body and my wolf was that, the human side is makes me gentle, kind, angry, sad and to get along and to make things go through and make decisions that are clear and I won't have to breakdown. That was the only thing that separated myself and my wolf. I feel like my human side is the slipping away and I could feel my wolf under my skin and I could head his every thought more clearly with asking him what he thinks. I can feel him trying to past through and his anger towards me and the one person he hates.


That's another problem. I don't really know when my wolf is going to slip out and take over me. It's going to be hell on earth and in the supernatural.

He is pretty pissed off and has a very big temper. He's going to kill everyone. I may be training to be a king but my wolf is ready. He's ready to claim some power and get back his mate. That's what mostly worry's me. He will take control once I am pushed over the edge.

He knows that I won't be able to stop him.

I can feel his hungier for blood, he's ready to come out.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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