Nancy Holmes

*Part of Sherlock Competition* Kathleen Holmes. Younger (19 year old) sister of Sherlock and Mycroft. Nicknamed herself 'Nancy' (after fictional character Nancy Drew) due to her love of solving crime. But what will happen when she joins Sherlock and John Watson on a case?


5. Chapter 5

 I woke up, gagged and tied to a chair. I’d been taken to an abandoned warehouse. A dark shadow appeared out of the darkness. I struggled a little trying to break free. But the hooded figure took down their hood. It was Rhys Judd, boyfriend to all of the victims. I’’d interviewed him about Aluna’s death.


“Ah, Kathleen, your awake,” He smirked. I tried to speak but the duct tape muffled my words. “I better you were wondering why I killed those girls,” I scowled at him in disgust. “Well, it all began a month ago when I found out my then girlfriend, Sian, was cheating on me with three different guys. I was upset for ages but then I realised it wasn’t my fault. So I targeted Aluna, Fern, Reagan and Madeline, four of those girls no one cares about. I thought no one would mind if I cheated on them then took their lives.”


Feeling angry, I struggled harder but still could break free. “But now,” Rhys said, “Now that Sherlock Holmes is on my case, I’d make a deal with him. It’s my innocence or his sister’s life.” I screamed but the duct tape muffled it. Then there was a bang. John and Sherlock came running in. “Let her go!” Sherlock ordered Rhys. But Rhys just laughed, “It’s you choice Sherlock, it’s my innocents and her freedom or you arrest me and she dies.”


Rhys held a knife to my wrist. All was silent. My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t feel it beating at all. “Make your decision Sherlock,” teased Rhys slitting my left wrist. Blood came spilling out, and I squealed in pain. Then Sherlock lunged at Rhys and they started to fight. John, however, untied me and took to duct tape off my mouth. I exhaled heavily and clutched my wrist.


“Sherlock!” I shouted, and punched Rhys in the face. He came and punched me back and slit my right wrist. Now more blood was escaping my body. I head butted him which knock us both out. 

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