Nancy Holmes

*Part of Sherlock Competition* Kathleen Holmes. Younger (19 year old) sister of Sherlock and Mycroft. Nicknamed herself 'Nancy' (after fictional character Nancy Drew) due to her love of solving crime. But what will happen when she joins Sherlock and John Watson on a case?


3. Chapter 3

Once we got back to 221B Baker Street, I had to figure out where I was going to stay. I had left my bag in Mrs Hudson’s kitchen before I’d gone upstairs. Mrs Hudson kindly offered for me to sleep on the sofa and I politely accepted the offer.


Sherlock however, was probably not happy about the arrangement but I knew he was just getting used to having me around. John had gone home earlier that evening. He said his wife, Mary, would be worried about him. “So what was Sherlock like growing up, then Nancy?” Mrs Hudson asked with a smile. “Just like he is now,” I said with a cheeky grin “Even as child he didn’t get on with Mycroft, either.”


After a bit of talking, I pulled a spare duvet out of Mrs Hudson’s airing cupboard and laid it over the sofa in the living room. I dressed into my pyjamas, got under the covers and started reading my new mystery crime novel, Sleepford by P.G. Andrews. But after a while I fell asleep… “Wake up, Nancy.” My eyelids fluttered open to see Sherlock standing over me.

“Sherlock,” I croaked, “It’s three in the morning…”


“And I’ve been called in for another murder, so are you coming or not?” he asked strictly. I huffed, put my black studded biker boots and my coat on over my burgundy onsie and closed the door behind me. It was still raining but luckily we didn’t have to wait long for a taxi or we would have been soaked by the time we’d walked to 678 Galaton Grove.


We had to go upstairs to where we found a girls bleeding body on the landing floor. “Another one who’s lost four pints of blood.” Sherlock said examining the body. As the girl was in her pyjamas, there was no ID on her, so I checked her bedroom. She was another between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one. The killer is obviously targeting young girls I thought looking at the name on the bus pass.


“Found anything?” called Sherlock from the landing at paramedics took the girl’s body away. “Her name is Fern Keller,” I said “And she’s between the ages if sixteen and twenty-one.” I then came out of the bedroom. Sherlock looked at me weirdly “You’re in your pyjamas.”

“Well, someone woke me up at three in the morning, so I didn’t have time to change!” I snapped at him.

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