Nancy Holmes

*Part of Sherlock Competition* Kathleen Holmes. Younger (19 year old) sister of Sherlock and Mycroft. Nicknamed herself 'Nancy' (after fictional character Nancy Drew) due to her love of solving crime. But what will happen when she joins Sherlock and John Watson on a case?


2. Chapter 2

After a few more minutes of bickering, Sherlock went back to playing his violin, while I sat down on a chair.


I blow some of my dark brown hair out of my face, then my eyes wandered over to John’s computer screen. From where I was sitting, it looked like some sort of blog. I moved my chair closer. It was called John H. Watson. I had heard of it before, Mum had show it to me to show me what sort of things Sherlock got up to. But I wasn’t really paying attention. John looked over at me once he’d finished typing.


“Oh sorry, I wasn’t mean to see that was I?” I said blushing with embarrassment. “No, it’s fine.” John smiled at me kindly. Then a phone on the coffee table started to beep. Sherlock stopped playing and looked at the phone, which was beside his chair. “John,” he said with a bit of excitement “We’ve got one.” John got up and turned his computer off.


So they both grabbed their coats. I grabbed mine as well. “Oh no,” Sherlock said, “You’re staying here.”

“Sherlock, I’m not a baby anymore.” I sighed at which he huffed. So I followed him and John outside, where Sherlock called for a taxi. “Where to?” the driver asked. “23 Cotswold Place, please.” Said John politely. Then the driver pulled away from the curb. “What are we dealing with?” I asked.


Sherlock looked at his phone “A girl’s been found dead by her parents in their living room.” Then the taxi pulled up outside 23 Cotswold Place. John paid the driver while Sherlock and I climbed out. Sherlock went under the police tape, while I was stopped. John quickly explained to officers that I was with him and Sherlock so they let me through.


The living room carpet was covered in blood. I just walked through it normally while John walked slowly looked disgusted. In the middle of the room lay the body of a teenage girl laying on her front. She was dressed in her school uniform and her shirt was bloodstained. “How much blood is this?” John asked looked down at the carpet. “Four pints.” Me and Sherlock said at the same time with no hesitation.

Sherlock glared at me. So John started examining the girl’s body. Then I found a bus pass in the girl’s soggy blazer pocket. “Hmm,” I said, “Her name is Aluna Brooks and she’s between the ages of sixteen and twenty one.” John and I turned over her body and found a massive slash across her throat. Then I rolled up her sleeves and found slashes across her wrists. There were also slashes on her thighs.


“The killer obviously wanted this to be a quick death due to the location of the slashes.” Sherlock said in mid thought. “Yeah, but he’s not good at cleaning up after himself, is he?” I joked “It looks like Miss Brooks has been death for at least half and hour. As Sherlock said this was a quick but painless death because the slashes are where the arteries are.” Once we’d finished inside, I comforted Mr and Mrs Brooks and told them we’d find the killer.

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