How does he know?

This is a story on the adventures of Sherlock and John. It is in the perspective of john Watson. It's full of dangerous acts, and crazy cases. I will try my best to use as much British lingo as much as possible, though I am not as British as I want to be. Warning: may include a little bit of JohnLock ie: kissing, but that's it.


2. The Lab

I realized i was getting ahead of myself. Even though it was definitely strange that Sherlock would leave the flat in such a disaster, but then again, it was Sherlock. He was known to do strange things. So before I hailed a cab, I pulled out my cell and called him. It rang, rang, rang,rang... I started panicking. He never took this long to pick up his cell. Running to the street, I hailed a cab and ordered the address to the hospital. Just then, Sherlock's deep voice comes out of the speaker.


The phone came up to my ear so quick, I hit myself in the eye.

"Ow! Sherlock?! Where are you?! What happened?! I came home and saw the blood and the skull was on the floor and you're going to need anew violin and...and... Sherlock?"

I talked rapid, no pauses, and at the end of my rant, I was breathless with a red face.

"Yes, John."


I was breathless, scared,and panicking. At this point, we had reached the hospital. I threw the money to the cabbie and jumped out of the car, running to look for Molly.

"Look John, I'm going to ask you to listen very closely."

He sounded calm. Too calm. I started running faster.

"John stop running. I need your full cognitive power on what I am about to say."

I stop dead in my tracks. Something happened. Something bad. I could feel it.

"I am in the middle of a Russian base-"


"If you would listen, John, I will tell you. Now I need you to calm down because i need a favor."

"Okay, fine. I'm listening." I was standing right in front of the morgue, one hand on the door.

"I need you to find Molly, give her that vial, and find the pen. This is very important that you find the pen."

"What? What pen? what are you talking about?"

"I cant say any more now, this conversation may be monitored. Goodbye John, and hurry."

"What? Sherlock? Sherlock!" I looked down at my phone, the call was ended. I cursed under my breath. I had to find Molly. I flung the morgue door open, and almost ran her over.


"Oh my God! John! What happened? Whats going on?"

I pulled the vial out of my pocket.

"Molly i need a favor." I handed her the vial.

"Can you figure out whose blood this is? Its an emergency."

She gave me a puzzled look.

"Yes, but what-" She never got to finish, because I was halfway out of the hospital. I hailed a new cab and told it our address.

"If you can, try to go fast."


I needed to find a pen. What did he mean by a pen? What did a pen have to do with anything?

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