Him- A Niall Horan fanfic

Brianna always loved Niall. But what would he say if he sees her cuts at the meet and greet? Would it be love or lust?


4. Planning the concert cloths at Kati's house

Brianna's POV

"Now what are you planning to wear Kati?" I asked.

"I don't really know!" She sighed.


It took 50 minutes for her to pick two outfits.

"Kati?" I questioned her.

"Yes Brianna?" 

"Where is your shoes to go with that Harry Styles outfit?" I laughed.

"Shit!" Kati cursed.

"Defiantly the One Direction shoes!" I laughed as Kati started choosing her hair style.

"Put your hair into a pony tail more often, Kati!" I gazed at the curly pony tail.

"So option 2?" She laughed.

I nodded. 


Tomorrow is going to be the best day of our lives!

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