For All It's Worth...I Love You

"It wasn't a coincidence, not in the slightest. How could you stumble across this perfection by chance? No, this was meant to be. Love always is."

Life hasn't been good to Aleesia; broken and in wait of something good, she thinks she's found perfection, only sometimes, perfection can turn out to be more deadly than brokenness...

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4. The Favour

His lips tasted like a sweet malt shake as they sat firmly planted on my lips. Inside my mouth, he ran his tongue across mine, intertwining our tastebuds vigorously and brushing the corners of my mouth. Butterflies jetted fiercely around my stomach adding to the bold sensation of his lips on mine.

I pulled away slowly, a smile wildly plastered across my mouth.

"Thanks for a great night" I gushed, embracing him in a hug. He sent a protective arm round my shoulders, burrowing his nose into my neck.

"It's no problem babe, I'll drive you home, give me a second to tell my boss" I nodded as he sped back into the club to find the owner.

The brisk, cold air was nothing I'd experienced in California before; sunshine was constant here and even at night, the air was warm. Although today, I enjoyed the sharp, icy edge that hung in the atmosphere, it woke me up- reminded me that this was real. Us.

Kieran returned in less than five minutes trying to obscure the annoyed expression on his face.

"Boss wants me to stay til' six" he sighed, "said I have to make up for the hours I missed on Wednesday"

"I could call a cab" I dismissed it lightly, "It's no hassle"

Kieran's beautiful, rich laugh filled my ears, "Darling, cabs don't run at this time- not unless you're looking for a dodgy driver"

Kieran whipped out his mobile phone from his jean pocket and tapped the screen rapidly before holding it to his ear. Spotting my bewildered expression, he explained: "I'm calling one of my boys to pick you up, he owes me a favour"

I smiled, bemused by the power he had. At the touch of a button, he had the service of others at his disposal. Favours, he called them. My mind flitted back to when he was 'just a favour' to me. Lore's double date had brought Kieran into my life, who I'd been dating for a year now.

I couldn't help let a smile break out onto my face. Funny how things work out like that.

"What are you smiling about?" Kieran joked putting his phone back into his pocket and instead taking ahold of my hand.

"You" I lowered my eyes, slightly embarrassed by my emotions, "I'm just really glad to have you"

Kieran paused for a second, I could sense him looking at me. I glanced up to meet his eyes.

"I love you" he spoke softly,

Heart pounding and hands clammy, I urged myself to respond, to say it back. The countless times I had watched those stupid romcoms where the guy tells the girl he loves her but she never says it back. The countless times I had tutted and sighed, frustrated that she was being so immature and unresponsive. But now I was in the same situation, why couldn't I say it back?

I manage a sheepish smile before thankfully, being interrupted by the soft screech of tyres grinding to a halt behind me.

"Bro" Kieran jeered, reaching past me to fist pound the man in the car. I turned to face the car and waved gingerly. I was too busy staring at the car to take in anything else. I was vaguely listening to Kieran talking to me in the background,

"He lives along your way, he'll drop you home. Text me when you reach home" Kieran took one of his hands out of his jacket and caressed my face gently before proceeding to kiss me firmly and thoroughly.

His friend in the car laughed, his laugh is light and carefree, I noticed while my lips were still attached to Kieran's, that it was the opposite of Kieran's laugh which is deep and rich. Not knowing why I picked up on this detail, I pushed it out of my mind and focused instead on the soft, malt-tasting lips that were on my face.

"Anytime now Bridges" his friend teased,

Kieran finally surrendered my mouth and watched as I climb in the car.

'A black range rover. Nice taste' I remarked in my head. I sat in the passenger seat and sent a wave at Kieran through the window before centring my eyes forward as his guy started the engine.

The driver murmured something to Kieran and then I heard a low whistle and a laugh from one of them, I'm not sure who.

"Hands off" Kieran warned with a cheeky smile. Both still laughing, the car began to drive forward.

As we began to distance ourselves from the club, in my wing mirror, I saw Kieran smile and shake his head clearly smitten and happy. My mind began to go into overdrive; look at him...Do I do that to him?

I should've have told him I loved him.

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