For All It's Worth...I Love You

"It wasn't a coincidence, not in the slightest. How could you stumble across this perfection by chance? No, this was meant to be. Love always is."

Life hasn't been good to Aleesia; broken and in wait of something good, she thinks she's found perfection, only sometimes, perfection can turn out to be more deadly than brokenness...

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3. Dreams

I ended up walking my way home. I was clueless about the American taxi system and I needed time to comprehend what had just happened.  

I slept over in a hot guy's house. He got naked in front of me. He made sensual jokes. He offered to drive me home. Maybe these were just normal things in the life of a Californian girl, but for me, boring British me? This was ground- breaking.  

I'm not even the slightest bit attractive- why did he, of all people, take me home? 

I had no money or valuables on me, no sexual benefits, what did I have to offer him?  

I quickly stopped myself from descending into my usual spiral of paranoia- why did there always have to be a catch? Why couldn't I have a sexy guy bring me to his home because he was simply...nice.  

I ended the windy thought process promptly and focused instead on my indescribably sore feet. I had left my phone at home, so I had no real sense of time. Unsure of how long the walk would last, I whipped my heels off at the next intersection and half jogged, half limped until I was in sight of my apartment block.  

11 Missed Calls  

3 Text Messages  

107 WhatsApp Notifications 

My phone was on overdrive when I reached home. Ringing and vibrating. Poor little thing. Probably couldn't cope.  

For a drugged girl who disappeared for a night with a random stranger guy, my number of missed calls was unreasonably low. I collapsed onto the soda, skimming through my alerts. The text messages were twitter notifications, the missed calls ranged from Kya and Hailie drunk dialling me to New Year celebration calls from my family and the WhatsApp's belonged to a confused, and maybe drug-influenced Lore, asking where I was and why I hadn't taken her bins out.  

At least someone cared. I thought sarkily whilst throwing my phone onto the opposite couch and reaching across to the clear glass coffee table next to me to feel for the remote. he TV was nothing but news and re-runs. I ended up falling asleep curled up on the settee, cradling the remote.  

I awoke a few hours later with him lying behind me, his smooth, muscular arms enclosed around my chest and his hands cupping my breasts. He lowered his head into the crook of my neck, letting his lips brush gently across my upper back.  

I murmured weakly, desperately trying to take my mind off the fiery sensation running through my body; like hot chills that reignited with every small kiss he planted on my back.  

I turned to face him, suddenly wanting him more than ever.  

His dark body just oozing with sexiness, eyes that encapsulated my own, gleaming with beauty but raging with an icy fire. I huddled closer to his streamlined stomach, afraid to put any distance between us that would cause me to lose him.  

His bulging arms with the clear outline of his veins, muscular curves and dips in his rounded shoulders. His strong large hands, so typically manly, enclosed round my thigh as he pulled me closer still, before slipping in between my legs. His voice lowered a fraction as my name tumbled from his lips.... 


I awoke, startled and groggy. There was a pending cough trapped in my throat that I spluttered out upon sitting up and the television was blaring MTV Top 40 in the background.  

Trying to recollect myself, the details of my dream slipped away within seconds. I remembered the kisses and my name being said, but not much else.  

Distracted by a Jason Derulo chart topper, I sat and watched the music video that began to play on my screen. It wasn't until a topless Jason with his deep chocolate abs and arms graced the screen, that an earlier image shot through me.  

I had dreamed about Jalen.


My phone rang about mid-afternoon, the iPhone ringtone blaring out loudly and consuming the silence in my apartment.  

"Hello" I answered bluntly, having seen the caller ID.  

"Aleesia! She's alive!" Kya and Hailie giggled in the background  

"Who's this?" My voice dripping with sarcasm and annoyance,  

"Who's this?" Lore repeated, "You don't know who this is? Ha! Just shows what a little bit of dick can do to you!"  

Again, the amateur fit of laughter followed in the background. My fingers so desperately wanted to terminate the call but instead, I set it to speakerphone and held it at arm length as I paced my way to my apartment kitchen, dispensing my anger in each footstep.  

"Sorry, sorry" Lore's laugh faded sensing my silent anger, "Just didn't see you last night after you ditched us for that hot guy" 

"I didn't ditch. You spike my drink and left me" I snapped into my phone,  

"Kya, you spiked her?!" Lore shrieked before bursting into shrill giggles again. I ended the call.  

Friends, Huh.  

They called a few times after that but I declined them until I had calmed down. Four missed calls later, I finally picked up.  

"You done with your pre-school shit?" I barked upon answering,  

"We're sorry Lee, we were just teasing, seriously, how was your night?" Lore drawled, 

"I'll let you know when I remember it" I sneered,  

"OK spoilsport, but on the bright side, guess who has a date tonight?"  

"With the guy from the bar?" I assumed,  

"Yeah!" She exclaimed, "and his friend!"  

"Two? What are you playing at Lore?" I giggled slightly,  

"Oh stop it! You know I'd never do that...One's for you!" 

"Oh" it was all that I could manage past my lips without my lunch following it out. A date? I hadn't been on a date in months. And with Lore?  

Lore was stunning; jet black hair extending out just above her waist, crystal blue eyes brighter than a lighthouse, large shadowy eyelashes sweeping her cheeks as she blinked, slim yet curvy and possessing the perfect amount of thigh fat. She was easily the prettiest girl I knew- being on a double date with her? My date would know for sure that he had been short changed.  

"Please Lee?" Lore called down the phone snapping me out of my worries, "I'm too nervous and sober to do it alone"  

As beautiful as Lore was, she too had been messed around with in her last relationship leaving her well and truly heart broken. I'd be doing her a favour by going on this date, finally getting her mind off Jordan, her ex.  

'A favour, nothing more' I told myself 

"Okay Lore, I'll do it" I murmured,  

"Thanks Aleesia!" She shrieked down the microphone, "Pick you up at eight!"

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