"I wake up to a scream. Not just anyone's scream but yours. I burst out of bed and run to your room. You're not in there but someone had been. I hear your scream again and suddenly I know just where to go."


1. The cellar

I woke. Clothes stuck to me with sweat and my breathing quick. I look around and all I can I see is the pit of darkness around me and the cold concrete floor under me. I had been put in the cellar again. For how long was I there? I don’t know. I've gone weeks in the cellar, months even. When I was little Id scream to be let out but now I've grown accustom to it. I almost liked it better than being up there. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It must be time. The lock rattled and the door creaked open leaving a blinding light burning my eyes. I looked to see who had come to get me. It could be only one of two people, neither had I preferred over the other. I looked to see the tall dark figure standing in the doorway. It was him. “Come on Catherine.” he said strictly. I got up and walked obediently up the stairs to the main floor of the house. As I walked past him he closed the cellar door and I hoped I wouldn't have to go there again. But I knew I would. I always do.

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