"I wake up to a scream. Not just anyone's scream but yours. I burst out of bed and run to your room. You're not in there but someone had been. I hear your scream again and suddenly I know just where to go."


5. school

School is starting again and mother still hasn't returned home. I’m left alone with him. I wish they had both gone I think to myself. Then soon erase the thought from my head knowing no such thing could ever happen. I head to the shower to cleanse myself. The pressure of the water hurting with each hit against my skin. I make sure that I wash fast so that I don’t have to stand that pain for too long and to keep myself from thinking too much. I walked back to my bedroom and got changed in clothes that covered the bruises. They were always smart not to hit in places that were seen by a public eye. Afterward I walked down the hallway toward the kitchen passing your room along the way. When I get there I see him. He’s sitting with his vibrant green eyes watching the television. I used to think green eyes were a sign of innocence and kindness. Like the stems that hold a beautiful lily upright for support and the grassy fields that people dance in. Now they have a whole different meaning to me. I grab some crackers quietly so to not distract his attention toward I and head back to my room where I stay the rest of the day.
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