"I wake up to a scream. Not just anyone's scream but yours. I burst out of bed and run to your room. You're not in there but someone had been. I hear your scream again and suddenly I know just where to go."


6. returned

Later that night I decide to sneak back into your room. I needed that picture. I would not let them have that. They had already token so much from me. As soon as I arrive in your bedroom I find the picture on the floor and the glass frame shattered. I begin to bend down when I hear a noise come from the living room. Someone was coming. I wouldn't have enough time to make it to my bedroom unseen. The footsteps begin to become louder, closer. I run and jump into your closet. There I sit silent, barely breathing. The footsteps are now in the same room as me. I look through the crack of the closet door to see who it was. It was mother. She had returned.
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