"I wake up to a scream. Not just anyone's scream but yours. I burst out of bed and run to your room. You're not in there but someone had been. I hear your scream again and suddenly I know just where to go."


4. mom leaves

The next morning I’m woken by the sound of my parents yelling and throwing things around. I could hear glass break near my door as if they had thrown it down the hallway my room was in. Even though I’m used this it still scares me. Usually when this happens you would come to my room and lie in my bed with me but that doesn't happen anymore and it never will again. I hear footsteps coming near my bedroom door and begin to breathe fast. As I try to calm myself the door opens. My mother walks in. “I’m going away for a while and will be back in a couple days. Your father will be here to watch you.” That’s the last I hear from her for the next week.
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