Maybe this is the end...

2017; the year of change. The year the world began to fall to shit.

Russia and Germany have joined forces in an attempt to take North American territory or destroy it. As a result, the Government starts its own secret mission. Teaming up with the best of the militia, the idea is formed that we can clone people who are fit for the job and create super weapons to fight back against the German and Russian forces. The idea is taken to our top scientists who immediatly begin the cloning process. Soon after the clones are sent out, something in them begins to change. The process went wrong. Now they are turning against us; they are beginning to slaughter the humans.

Now our only goal is to survive...


1. Introduction

Hiii guys! Okay so this is a story I made based off another dream. I dream a lot which results in stuff like this.

My friend is writing it with me. I write one chapter, she writes one. Its difficult so yeah dont mind our slowness ♡

Anyway I told a few people the general idea of the story and they all compared it to The Host. Mind you Ive never heard of it until then. So I watched the movie and am currently (and obsessed with) the book. This is nothing like The Host, I promise. Dont try to say Im stealing.

Anyway, give it a read and tell me what you think? It would mean a lot to Lina and I.. xx
-Kate ♡

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