Maybe this is the end...

2017; the year of change. The year the world began to fall to shit.

Russia and Germany have joined forces in an attempt to take North American territory or destroy it. As a result, the Government starts its own secret mission. Teaming up with the best of the militia, the idea is formed that we can clone people who are fit for the job and create super weapons to fight back against the German and Russian forces. The idea is taken to our top scientists who immediatly begin the cloning process. Soon after the clones are sent out, something in them begins to change. The process went wrong. Now they are turning against us; they are beginning to slaughter the humans.

Now our only goal is to survive...


2. Chapter 1

The first thing that my barely concious brain could register was a bright blueish white light on the opposite side of my closed eyelids. Then I began to register the small things. My limbs were sore; stiff, like I'd been lying in an uncomfortable position for too long. Some of my muscles were screaming and as my mind neared closer and closer to a concious state, I began to feel something sharp sticking into my arms. Needles? I slowly opened my eyes, pushing away the heavy fox in my head. I was blinded a second by the light, I must have been unconcious for a long time. It took a few seconds for my thoughts to catch up with me.

I was captured. This was it, my final tangible thoughts.

I was on my death bed now.

I took in the scenery around me now as I stretched my stiff limbs. As I uncurled myself, I realized that I was naked. I moved a bit more, trying to gain access back from my numb state before. They must have used a lot of sedatives. I found myself in a tube that was standing upright. As I looked around the glass tube, I could see that the tube went from the ceiling to the floor, keeping me from escaping. There goes Plan A. My eyes landed on what was outside the glass before me. A large white room with computers, and blinking lights on machinery I didnt recognize and could never dream to understand.

My eyes fixed on the man that stood at one of the computers, typing away furiously. He was wearing one of those typical scientist lab coats, just like every other prick in this room. He adjusted some knobs and clicked some buttons and began typing again. I flinched when I saw a woman standing before my tube, holding a clip board. She observed me for a second before jotting down some notes. She moved to my other side and I could see a small group being escorted into the group. My heart nearly stopped.

The girls blonde hair fell around her tired, bruised face. She looked so exhausted and her eyes were rimmed red from crying. She was covered from head to toe in dirt, cuts, and bruises. She was letting two doctors support her weight as she dragged her feet; she was so drained. My arms ached to hold her. Behind her stood her sister, and the two other members of our group. They had been captured. We were all done for..

Her familiar grey eyes flickered from the floor, and to my tube. Her eyes widened and she raised to her own feet, a sudden flicker of light appearing in her eyes. The light was gone now, and fear took over. She began to thrash in the arms that held her as she screamed. I could hear her calling out for me, begging for the doctors to set us free. She declared her love for me and I could feel my heart swell, threatening to explode in the confinds of my chest. I opened my mouth to yell to her, to tell her I loved her too, when a jelly-like substance filled my mouth, choking me. It clogged my throat, gagging me. I spit it out quickly and shut my mouth again. Instead, I moved slowly in the light jelly substance, placing my hands against the cold glass. She managed to break free and ran to me, placing her hands over mine from the other side.

'I love you, too.' I mouthed to her, the best I could. I gave her a sad smile when her eyes filled with tears and the doctors grabbed her again. She let out a yell and struggled; all I could do is watch. One of the doctors yelled to the one at the computer who looked to them and nodded. He gave me a once over before turning back to his computer and began adjusting more knobs and buttons.

The others began to freak out now too, protesting and screaming, fighting against the doctors. I watched as the beloved blonde fought in the arms of the large doctor, who had her easily with on one arm hooked around her waist. How dare he touch her! I tried to squirm and maybe try to hit the glass, but I suddenly felt numb again. The jelly began to bubble and now I could feel like the heat as it churned slowly. My skin was beginning to burn, slowly making its way to my inside. Every nerve ending in me felt alive, on end. My molecules felt as if they were vibrating. Soon a sharp burning pain, worse than anything I'd ever felt began in the tip of my toes and slowly made its way higher into my body. I thrashed about now, shaking and convulsing as the pain began to spread into my chest. It flooded into my neck, up to my jaw, around my nose and up into my eyes. It worked its way to the back of my brain and I could hardly hear the gargled screaming from my throat over the firey ringing in my ears.

Make it stop! Please, I cant take it anymore! Just kill me! I cant take it! It hurts.. it hurts.. please....





I woke up gasping, grabbing at my throat as I looked around my bedroom. I could see the familiar colors of my same old bedroom; the fuzzy purple carpet, the baby blue walls. Everything I had wanted a pre-teen, but everything that I hated now. The purple curtains that matched the floor were drawn, allowing the morning sunlight to filter in through the bed room, making a small pathway across my floor like it did the last seventeen years of my life; or at least what I could remember of it. I rolled out of my squeaky, uncomfortable bed and turned right to my closet.

My mother must have drawn the curtains to wake me and get me ready for the day. I could smell pancakes and bacon cooking downstairs, which most likely meant a long day ahead of us. I picked out my clothes for the day, only choosing something simple. I didnt feel like dressing up today. I didnt even bother with makeup. I was too exhausted from that odd dream. Who had been the man in the tube? The one who claimed to love me? Apparently I loved him as well? I glanced in my mirror as I brushed through my hair, meeting my grey eyes. They looked dull today, just like any other day. They havent been bright since the divorce.

I looked at myself in the mirror for a moment. My blonde hair curled the way it usually did, making neat natural springs in my hair that fell just above the middle of my back. It was so long when I straightened it, but I honestly didnt have the time or patience, though my mom bought me a very nice flat iron that still sat in the box in the back of my closet. The best on the market. Anything for her little angel. I rubbed at my grey eyes, they looked even colder without my makeup. I would have done it, but I really didnt want to bother. Mom wouldnt have liked my outfit, it wasnt something that made me stand out. She liked the idea of having all of the attention in the room. She always told me I deserved to have all the eyes on me. I hated that.

I mean, I didnt look bad. It was comfortable and I wasnt trying to impress anyone anyways. So my simple dark blue skinny jeans with my very expensive and very light, almost see through, turqoise shirt which I fringed myself just to spite my mother. It showed a lot of skin now, and I grinned. My white bra could be seen through it and I knew my mother would disapprove. I threw on my fathers old beat up fedora that he had left from the move. I smiled to myself as I walked out my door, nearly tripping in the process. Did I mention Im clumbsy?

I managed to get down the spiraling staircase without killing myself and walked into the small cozy kitchen. It was filled with lots of warm browns, light and dark. I sat down at the kitchen table just as mom set a plate of pancakes and bacon in front of me. I grabbed the orange juice from the middle of the table and poured it into my waiting glass. I drank it down quick before pouring more. My mother poured what she thought was a decent amount of syrup onto my pancakes and nearly choked when she saw me.

"What on God's green earth are you wearing?"

"What? I like it. Is something wrong, mom?" I patted my eyelashes at her as I shoved a huge bite of pancakes into my mouth and smiled a bit, showing the chewed up mess in my mouth.

She rolled her eyes with a huff and went back to her daily routine. "You know how I feel about you dressing like that, young lady."

"And you know how I dont care, mother." I replied as I shoveled down my food.

"I bet your sister doesnt mouth off like this." She mumbled. I wasnt meant to hear it.

"Well, she got placed with the cool parent." I snapped back as I shoved away from the table. I put the plate in the sink and put away anything that was left out as she sat watching the tiny TV on the counter. I rolled my eyes and moved toward the stairs. "When we leaving?" I yelled.

"Fifteen!" She shouted back. I ran back up the stairs and into my room. I straightened up for about ten minutes during my wait, and even started a load of laundry. Once the laundry was started, I walked back to my room and grabbed my phone off the charger. I had a message from my sister.

From Lina:

Dad's freaking out. Call me ASAP

I sighed and locked my phone, placing it in my back pocket. It was probably nothing. Dad was a really paranoid man sometimes. I slipped on my ugg boots and made my way down the stairs again. I stopped in the doorway of the kitchen. Everything was thrown around and trashed. How had I not heard that from upstairs? I looked around the rest of the house, calling out to my mother, but there was no answer. The rest of the house seemed to suddenly be a mess too, but not as much as the kitchen. A few things were knocked over, including my mothers favorite vase. I felt worried now.. What the hell?

"Mom? Mom, where are you?" I sighed and moved back to the kitchen. Maybe it was a prank. I began to pick things up and put them back in their places. I got the broom and began to clean the broken plate on the floor. If this was a prank, she was really getting into it.. I dumped the remains of the plate and went to turn off the TV, but froze. I stopped to look at the screen. It was the city, but everything was chaotic. People were running around and screaming, kids were crying, there was cars stopped in the middle of the road and wrecks everywhere. The threads that held my home city of New York together seemed to be coming lose under the eyes of the camera. "What the..."

The sound of glass breaking in the other room made me yelp. I grabbed the broom in my hand and turned to look around the small kitchen of the apartment. The top of the apartment was all clear, I had been up there alone. But mom was down here and the place was trashed and now the city was falling apart. Had someone come in and hurt my mom and done this all? I slowly moved toward the noise and froze again when I heard footsteps. I held my breathe and peeked around the corner. Sure enough, there was a figure and it sure as heck wasnt my mother. I shrank back against the wall and tried to keep my breathing as quiet as possible. Who the hell was in our home?!

I turned to look back at the figure and let out a loud scream. The person was right here now, standing where moments ago, no one was, in the doorway, staring at me cold, lifeless eyes. It was a brunette woman with curly hair and pale skin. She was about my height but had to be about in her late twenties. Maybe twenty eight? I didnt bother to ask; the womans fist came flying toward me. I screamed again and ducked down. I crawled away quickly, trying to kick at her. She snapped her head around quite robotically and moved to grab me by the throat. I clawed at her hands as my lungs began to ache at my lack of air, my feet lifted off the floor.

The woman suddenly collapsed with a loud clanging noise and I was dropped harshly to the floor. I landed with a yelp and then managed to scramble away. My eyes moved to my mother, who was standing over the woman, breathing heavily. She held a pan in her hand, which must have been her weapon, hence the clanging noise I'd heard before the woman collapsed. Mother was covered in blood and her neat jacket was ripped open down her arm, along with a long angry red line that must have been where all the blood was coming from.

"Mom?!" I whispered as I got up and rushed toward her, throwing my arms around her. She hugged me with one arm, keeping her weapon in the other. "Mom, whats going on? Who is she? Are you okay?" I dont think I've ever been this happy to see this woman.

"I dont know, honey.. but you need to go. Im going to stall her and you run." She told me, touching my cheek gently. "Run and dont look back."

"What are you talking about?!"

"Something is happening. Find somewhere safe. Please, be careful." She turned to lead me toward the front door and then pulled it open. The whole street looked the same as on the TV. What the hell is happening! I turned back to my mother and squeaked. The woman was standing behind her now, her head tilted to the side. How did she move so silently?! My mother turned just in time for a large blade to shoot straight through her stomach and out her back. I screamed when her blood squirted onto me and stumbled back, nearly tripping. I turned and ran as fast as I could, trying to find my way through my blurred eyes.

I could see people screaming and running, just like I was, screaming for help and screaming for their lives. And a lot of them were being slaughtered by these emotional, silent people. I stopped when I saw a familiar face. The old woman from next door was standing in the middle of the street, facing me. "Mrs. Magrid?" I called, looking around. I took a step closer, ignoring the chaos around us. "Mrs. Magrid, we have to go. Something is happening. Why are you just standing here." I saw her shoulder give a small twitch and she cracked her neck, opening her eyes. She had the same emotionless, dead eyes as the woman in my home. She grabbed her cane into her hands like a bat, rushing toward me.

I gasped and turned right to run down the street away from the old woman who was chasing me. How did she run so fast?! I tripped and landed on my knees, my hands skidding across the pavement. I let out a hiss at the pain and yelped when something came down across my back. I rolled to the side just in time for the old womans cane to come in contact with the pavement where my head had been just a second ago. I grabbed at the cane and tried with all my might to pull it from her grasp. Finally, she gave a loud yell and I got the cane. I jumped to my feet and started swinging blindly, screaming as I did so. When she collapsed to the ground, I began to back away, sobbing to myself.

"What is going on?!" I cried loudly, dropping the cane. I turned and ran off again, wiping away my tears, holding onto my hat, which somehow managed to stay in place. I pulled out my phone, dialing up my sister. "Please answer, Lina, please, please, please." I cried as I listened to the ring. It went to voicemail after two rings. "Dont ignore me!" I shouted as I cried. I dialed it again with the same results. I tried one more time and there was a click as someone picked up. I stopped as I came to the park. "Lina? Lina! Answer me!"

"Shh! They'll hear you!" She whispered harshly. I could hear rustling in the background.

"Its happening there too?" I whispered back, ducking behind a tree, looking around. So far, the coast was clear.

"Yes, and they almost found me when you called!"

"I'm sorry, I wanted to make sure you were alive. Where are you? I'll find you."

"Im still at home, stuck in the shed. Im going to climb out the window. Meet at the airport. I love you, stay safe." And with that, a click sounded, ending the call. I sighed and peeked around the tree. Now there was at least ten people here, covered in blood, moving quickly, making no sound as they went. I tucked my phone away and searched for the nearest escape route. I could see a small path that led into the woods, and the complete opposite way of the airport. It would have to do for now. I peeked around again and waited until when it seemed alright. I took a deep breathe and made a run for it. I made it onto the path successfully and dove into the nearest bush.

A loud, 'oomf!' sounded as I fell head first into something large and warm.

"Ouch!" I gasped as I sat back up. My eyes widened when I found another person. Brown eyes stared over at me curiously. I opened my mouth to let out a scream, but two big, warm hands covered my mouth, stopping the building scream. I stared into the brown eyes and slowly my eyes adjusted. It was a male, only a few years older than myself. His eyes were full of the same fear I was feeling; he was human.

"Shh, shh! Please dont scream! Im human! Those things will hear you." He whispered to me. I whimpered and nodded into his hand. He slowly pulled his hand away and then gasped. "Get down!" He grabbed me in his arms suddenly, pulling me against him as he ducked down against the ground, laying me flat on my back. He was hovering over me, peeking through the leaves of the bush carefully. I could hear very light footsteps and when I looked under the roots of the bush, I could see a line of feet marching down the path and away from us. I looked back up at the man over me, trying to keep the blush from my cheeks. He was way to close for comfort.. "Okay, they're gone. We need to run." He said standing, pulling me quickly. I wabbled uneasily.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa.." I said shaking my head as he pulled me along. I yanked my wrist away from his grasp. "Who said I was coming with you?"

"Well, those things went that way.. our only way out is this way." He said gesturing to the open path back to the park.

"Who are you? Do you know whats going on?"

"I know as much as you." He shrugged and turned to move. "Hey, I dont know about you, but Im outta here. Stay and die if thats what you really want." He started moving toward the park again and I weighed my options. He was a guy and he seemed to know what he was doing. Maybe he could help me..

I sighed and rushed after him. "Wait! Dont leave me here!"

"Thats what I thought," he snickered as he snuck back into the park. I followed close behind him. The park and the streets around us were calm and empty now. I gripped onto the bottom of his t shirt, making sure I stayed close. He was wearing black skinny jeans, worn down brown boots, and a white t shirt. In the street lights, I could see he had darker skin and black curly hair that was like a mop around his head. He looked down at me, his brown eyes boring into mine. "So, whats your name?"

"Kate.. Kate Thorne." I whispered as I looked away and around us. We walking close to the wall on the sidewalk. It felt too easy.. "You never told me who you were."

"My name is Aiden Cross." He said as he led us to a building. It looked like a set of apartments, the large hindged door ripped off and thrown onto a car.

"Hey, where are you going? I need to go to the airport." I said grabbing his arm, yanking him back toward me. As his eyes met mine again, I felt a small fire run down my spine. I didnt think much of it and shook it off.

"One, you didnt say that before and two, we need to get everything we can carry and weapons if we want to survive." He turned and walked into the building and I scurried in right after him, grabbing his t shirt again. "What do you need to go to the airport for? Gonna fly to the Bahamas?" He snorted.

"No," I snapped. "My sister will be there. I hope.."

"Is she alive?"

"I just talked to her.. She should be."

"Well, lets hope you're right." He said as he forced his way into the first vacant home. He rushed me to the kitchen and ordered me to start stuffing things in a backpack he had found. I got lucky and found a bunch of water bottles. After I filled the backpack, I tried to pick it up and nearly dropped it. "You're not that weak, are you?" He sighed making me jump. I swung around to face him.

"You pick it up then, tough guy." I said crossing my arms expectanly. He walked over casually and picked it up like it was nothing and smiled at me triumphantly. "Shut up and take me to the airport." He stared at me for a second before turning and leaving me there. "Hey!" I shouted running after him. He was walking down the stairs now as I grabbed his arm. "What are you doing? Dont we need weapons?"

He held up the metal bat in his hand. "Correction. YOU need a weapon. And food and water."

"But I just filled that bag!" I said gesturing to the backpack. "Are you just leaving me here?! You arent going to help me?!"

"Not with that attitude you're giving me!" He snapped back, turning to walk down the stairs again. "I dont have time for little pampered brats."

"I am not a pampered brat!" I growled following after him.

"Still there? Go on, shoo. Shoo." He said waving his hand dismissivly.

"Look, Im sorry. I really want to see my sister and know shes safe. Will you please help me?" I sighed and stopped in my tracks, dropping my hands to my sides.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to face me, walking closer. "Fine. No more of the prissy girl bullshit. We're trying to survive now. You cant expect any special treatment now. Not with you life on the line, plus mine and your sisters as well." He pulled a knife out of his belt and handed it to me.

"What is this for?" I asked, taking it, turning it this way and that, observing the shiny object.

"Dont tell me you've never seen a goddamned knife.." He sighed in frustration.

"Of course I have! In a case in my fathers garage.." I said, remembering all the knives and hunting tools he owned, cooped up behind the glass for safety from when I was little.

"Fucking wonderful. And to think we may be the last people on earth." He mumbled as he walked in the general direction of the airport.

"Last people on earth?"

"Yes. I really hope you arent this stupid in every aspect of life. I really dont want to have to explain the basics if we need to repopulate." He groaned as he walked ahead of me.

I felt my cheeks heat up. "Repopulate?!" I nearly choked on the air and I saw him smirk.

"Good, you know what it means. And yes, if we're the last people alive, we might not have a choice."

"Im not sleeping with you.. In your dreams. How old are you anyway?"

"Im twenty. You?"

"Seventeen. Thats pedophile might I add."

"The world is falling to shit, I dont think age difference matters at this very moment."

"Oh, shut up! Im not repopulating with you! I dont want my kids acting like you." I said crossing my arms.

"And you think I want kids that act like you?" He snorted and rolled his eyes, readjusting the backpack on his back. He turned to look at me for a second, his eyes going up and down my body. "Might not be that bad," he shrugged.

"What? What do you mean?"

He gave another shrug, smiling cockily. "Interpret that as you wish." He said walking ahead of me.

I growled to myself and followed after the infurating man that was suddenly all I had left.


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