Story Of My Life (One Direction fanfiction)

Summary is inside bc bad at summaries but I swear the story is really good(:


1. Prologue: Introduction

Hey guys! I know there will be a lot of fanfiction out there now after SOML but mine will be different. If you have ever seen the Time Travelers Wife, well it will be somewhat like that. TIME TRAVEL YAY. This is going to be a sad fanfiction because Im just mean like that. Sigh. But yea, The first five chapters will just be explaining the life of each of the boys (none of them know each other) and how they came to need time travel in their lives and all that soo good luck. But right now Im going to just post the Prologue for a taste and let people decide if they want to read this.


The witch watched as the five boys' worlds fell apart before them. It was like a show, a small Soap Opera. And it was designed perfectly for her. The misery they felt in their hearts, the attempts to change. It made her feel. It made her thrive. Watching them fall apart gave her a certain pleasure.

The way Niall's threads became loser and loser until he was crouched in a corner. Until he was gripping a knife so tightly to his chest that his knuckles turned white. The way he cried. The blonde was so beautiful, probably her favorite out of the five. It gave her just a small pang of sadness. But not enought to fix the train wreck she set in motion.

She loved watching Harry's hope begin to lose its glow. In a sick way she loved watching him try to fix his mother. To see her get worse and worse and in turn, see his light die out. She loved seeing the hurt and guilt after his beloved sister fell into that head on collison no matter what he did.

She loved watching Zayn the most. His story wasnt as bad as the rest. He seemed to fight himself better than the rest. But he didnt have it so bad. Being lied to your whole life wasnt as bad as the others small secrets and pain. Well, not to small secrets anyway. But she loved watching Zayn search. Loved watching him work for what he wanted.

The witch was also a hopeless romantic. She hoped Liam would win his girl. Other days, she wanted the girl to get hit by a train. To see the sadness come over Liam. To see that frown on his flawless face. She wanted to see him hurt.

Most of all, she loved the thrill that went through her veins as she watched Louis. It was never a dull moment. His family was quite interesting. He was interesting. The way he took care of everything. The way he tried to fight his own insanity, but to no avail of course.

She was a sick woman, this she knew. But everyone in this world was sick in their own little ways.

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