Tattooed Heart (Punk! Niall fanfiction)

Niall Horan is a very troublesome young man who is trying to live out his last year of highschool. Partying is one of his favorite things to do with his best friend Louis by his side of course. He's got himself a group of good friends and a family to rely on, but why is he so sad? Niall's life starts to get shook up and turns around when a sophmore finds his way into Niall's life. Niall tries his best to avoid the boy and not ruin anyone elses life, but its hard when the boy is everywhere he goes. And before he can stop it, Niall finds himself trapped.
(Warning: boyxboy ... dont like dont read!)


5. Chapter 5

I pulled into my driveway and was staring at the figure in the doorway. Greg was watching me, waiting for me to come inside. He probably wanted to scold me and yell at me some more. It didn't matter what his texts said. I pulled out my phone again and sent a quick text.


To Louis:

yo mate how much touble u in?


I locked my phone and was getting ready to go inside when a phone beeped, but it wasn't mine. I glanced around for a second before another beep sounded. I reached down into the space between the seats and came back with a black iPhone. What? I unlocked the phone. No password. I pulled down to see the notifications. One new text message. I opened it, which was probably a bit nosey, but oh well.


From 868-957-9089 (not a real number, please don't call it)

Hey Mason! It's Liam! Hope it wasn't too late at night to send a quick message. Judeth told me that she called to order your book and it will be in Thursday! : )


Fuck, this was Mason's phone.. Another glance into his seat and I found his keys. Shit, how did he get in his house? Was he still sitting outside? Fuck, man. I had to go back. I shoved his shit into my pockets and left my car running as I walked up to the door. My brother looked behind me to the still running car and then back to me. He held open the door so I could talk to him.


"Where did you go?" He asked flatly.


"Just a ride. I ended up giving a friend a ride home." I explained. "He left his keys and phone in my car, so I'm going to drive back really quick and give it back. I'll be back in twenty. Is that okay?"


"Of course. The chinese food should be here soon, so hurry back." He told me with a small smile. I just nodded and rushed back to the car. No way in hell I was missing chinese.


I drove all the way back to Mason's, lost in thought. I kept the radio off and watched the roads, trying to remember the way. As much as I hated it, pretty soon I would have this drive memorized. I pulled onto his road and looked around for his house. When I pulled into the driveway, there was a vacant car in the driveway and there was lights on in the house, making it seem full of life. I saw the curtain in an upstairs room move back into place as I turned off the car. Whoever was upstairs must have heard me arrive. I grabbed his phone out of my pocket and stared at it for a second. Without thinking, I unlocked the phone and put my number into his phone.


I turned off my car and grabbed his keys off the seat as I jumped out. I put my own keys into my pocket as I made my way up the small walk way toward the porch, past the garden his mother must have put together. I wondered if Mason looked more like his mother or father. He seemed like he had the feminine eyelashes of a woman, the nice hair of a woman too, that he must have gotten from his mother, though his cheek bones were angular, maybe a trait he had gotten from his father. I shook the thought from my head. Why did I care?


I stopped at the door and took a deep breath, listening. I didn't want to interrupt their dinner or anything. I could hear the laughing and yelling of kids, two to be exact. The squealing of a young girl and the yelling of a boy. I rang the doorbell quickly before I could back out. I honestly could have just left the keys and phone in the mail box or whatever. Or given them back to him tomorrow at school. I would have even been nice enough to charge his damn phone for him. I tapped my foot as I listened to the house silence for a second and the kids yell. I heard someone shushing them, which must have been Mason's mum.


The door pulled open and in the doorway stood a very smiley, dressed up woman. She was wearing a canary yellow dress that looked like it came right out of the old prarie times. The dress looked like crap, but the woman herself was a beautiful sight. She was fairly tall for a woman, even if she was in heels. She would have still been tall without them. She was almost as tall as me in the heels. Her hair was long and wavey and a nice chocolate brown. She was a thin woman and her eyes were dark brown, she wasnt as pale as Mason, her skin tone was a bit darker, almost olive.


"Hello," she smiled brightly. I could see two children playing about in the living room behind her, yelling and running. "Xander, Kylie! Hush!" They silenced and she turned back with an apologetic smile. "Sorry about that. I'm Marie. How may I help you?" She looked me up and down now and I saw her smile turn down a bit, though she tried to keep it there and look professional. I knew my look had startled her. It usually does that.


"Er, I'm Niall. I just came to drop off Mason's keys and phone.." I told her quietly.


Her smile got brighter and she opened the door more. "Oh! You must be who he was telling me about! Please, come on in," she gestured for me to come inside.


"Oh, no, no, I can't stay. My brother is waiting on me with supper." I told her holding up a hand.


"Oh, nonsense! I won't keep you long!" She smiled and took my hand and pulled me through the door, quickly closing it behind her. "Shoes off, please."


I glanced down at my feet and kicked off my white chucks and reached down to grab them. She gestured to the line of shoes by the door. I sighed and placed my shoes next to Mason's blue Adidas he'd been wearing today. Marie ran back over to me and pulled at the sleeve of my red jacket, helping me out of it as she hung it on a hook. Well, she was very...welcoming.


"Mason will be down in a minute, why don't you have a seat, Niall. Would you like water or lemonade?"


"Erm, water is fine." I said as I sat awkwardly down on the couch. I saw a shadow at the top of the stairs. The shadow ducked back around the corner when I caught sight of it. I knew Mason was hiding up there, reluctant to come down after I'd snapped at him. Serves the little fuck right. When I looked down, I saw the two children sitting directly in front of me, staring and waiting. "Um, hi." I said slowly. I wasn't used to kids..


"Did someone paint on you?" The small girl said pointing toward a tattoo on my arm. She looked to be about 6 years of age. She resembled her mother, the only difference being their eyes. This small girl had blue eyes rather than brown. Her hair was tied back in a braid.


I gave her a small smile. "Kind of, yeah."



"Why did they do that? It looks bad." She said crinkling her nose.


I chuckled, running my finger across one of the patterns on my inner arm. They did look bad, I suppose. "I asked them to do it."


Her eyes widened in shock and her mouth dropped open, making me laugh again. She was quite amusing for a child. "Why?"


"I like them," I shrugged. I looked back over at her brother. He was staring at my piercings. I took my lip piercing between my fingers and spun it in my lips as the boy watched. "Do they scare you?" He merely just shook his head before he went back to his game cube at the tv. The girl on the other hand, had all her attention focused on me.


"Why do you like them?"


"I don't know. They make me feel better when I'm sad. Each one is like a story." I explained as simply as I could think.


The girl suddenly stood up and sat beside me, observing all my tattooes. She pointed to the tattoo of wings that could be seen just on the top of my chest. "What story is this one?" She asked pointing to the feathery wings.


I looked down and then back to her. "I got the wings for my mum after she passed away."


"Oh.. I'm sorry. Did you get them because she's an angel now?"


"She's always been an angel to me." I said sadly. She nodded and then smiled.


"What about this one?" She said pointing to the rose along my neck.


"Well, there was a story for that one, but I forgot it. I don't remember a lot of the stories. I try to forget them because they aren't nice." I saw her frown and suddenly the girl was hugging me. I was suprised for a second but hugged her back. She pulled back when her mother entered the room again, placing the water on the table beside me. "Thank you." I said quietly.


"You're welcome. I hope Kylie wasn't being any trouble." She said giving her daughter a stern look.


I gave Kylie a pat on the head. "No she's been a right fine little hostess if I might say so myself." Kylie giggled in response.


"Niall?" Kylie asked before her mother could speak.




"Which is the most recent painting you had put on you?" She asked curiously, sitting up toward me a bit. Her brother, who I guessed to be Xander, turned to look at us.


"Um, I believe it's this one." I said pointing to the small pattern of flying birds on the inside of my wrist. "The story is about my friends. See how this bird is all alone, but these ones here are all together?" The girl nodded in wonder. "It's to show that this bird is changing while the others are still the same." She smiled up at me and scooted closer to me to take my arm and observe the birds some more. Her mother smiled, she must have been surprised that I was being so sweet with her daughter even though I looked evil.


"That's a very interesting tattoo, Niall. I like the story behind it." Marie commented.


"Tanks." I nodded. The sound of someone clearing their throat made me jump. I glanced up to see Mason sitting at the bottom of the stairs, watching us. He gave a slight smile, but it didnt really reach his eyes. "Oh, er, I.. uh.. You left your phone and keys in my car."


"His car? Why were you in his car?" Marie wondered, sitting up straight.


Mason stood up and walked further into the room to join us. I gently pulled my arm from Kylie, who sat up to watch us. She smiled at her brother. "Niall gave me a ride home from school."


"How long has Niall had his license?" She questioned.


"Nearly two years now, ma'am." I told her.


"And you follow the traffic laws and speed limits?"


"O' course." I lied. I heard Mason snort and shot him a glare. I rolled my eyes and pulled Mason's crap out of my pocket, dropping my own phone in the process. "Fu-...dge" I quickly fixed myself before I could cuss in their home, that would be rude. I grabbed my phone off the floor before walking over to Mason and handing him the keys and phone. I turned quickly back to his mother. "I should leave now so I am not a bother. Sorry for disturbing your night." I walked over to grab my jacket and shoes.


"Niall, one more thing?" Marie called as I slipped on my shoes. I looked up curiously. I met eyes with Mason for a second before I looked back to his mother. "How did you get that bruise on your face?"


Shit. Of course. "Um.. well, I got in a disagreement with someone at school today and he hit me. It was a misunderstanding, though." I told her, which was mostly true actually.


She nodded. "Thank you for dropping off his things, Niall. Have a nice night." She gave me a smile before standing up to see me out.


Kylie jumped off the couch and ran to hug my legs. "Bye, Niall! Come back to see me soon, okay?"


I opened my mouth to assure her I would be back to visit, but her mother stopped me. "I don't think Niall will be back again, Ky." The girl turned to her mother with a sad expression. "He has much better places to be and I don't expect him to be coming around anymore." I could hear the threat behind her voice. I wasn't welcome here.




"Mason, we will discuss this later. Say goodnight." She told him as she grabbed Kylie away from me and pulled her into the other room. I waved after the little girl sadly. She gave me a big smile before the swinging door closed behind them.


Mason looked back to me and smiled sadly. "Sorry... bye, Niall. Thank you again."


"Sure, sure." I said turning to run out the door. I could feel the tears stinging in my throat. I had been rejected again. People always turned me away from them as soon as I could come along. They somehow knew I would come in and fuck everything up. They didn't want to give me the chance.


I was back in my car, wiping at my tears, attempting to start my car through blurry eyes when a tap sounded at my window. I jumped and wiped my eyes again before rolling down the window. Mason leaned down to hold out his hands. "You gave me the wrong keys. These are yours." I stared at the red key chain in my hand.


"Oh." I handed him his keys, our hands brushing slightly. I could feel a zap of electricity run up my hand and I jerked away. Mason stared at his hand for a second in confusion, he had felt it too. "Sorry, um.. goodnight." I quickly rolled up my window and watched as he walked back inside. I put the keys in the ignition and twisted, glad to hear the roar of the car. I was about to throw the car in reverse when I heard my phone vibrate. I took it out quickly.


From 868-667-8754 (again not a real number)

Have a good night, Niall. Thank you again. Please drive safely. : )


I glanced up and saw the curtain move again. Mason gave a smile before he let it fall. I saved Mason's number into my phone before I quickly reversed my car and made my way back home so I could think through all this bullshit.



Sorry it took me so long to update, I will try to be more frequent, I promise x


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