Tattooed Heart (Punk! Niall fanfiction)

Niall Horan is a very troublesome young man who is trying to live out his last year of highschool. Partying is one of his favorite things to do with his best friend Louis by his side of course. He's got himself a group of good friends and a family to rely on, but why is he so sad? Niall's life starts to get shook up and turns around when a sophmore finds his way into Niall's life. Niall tries his best to avoid the boy and not ruin anyone elses life, but its hard when the boy is everywhere he goes. And before he can stop it, Niall finds himself trapped.
(Warning: boyxboy ... dont like dont read!)


2. Chapter 2

I pulled my car into the familiar parking lot of the school and pulled into 13B, my assigned parking space. Fuck all these rules, it was bullshit. I saw my friend Liam pull up in his nice, clean car and wave through his window. I sighed. Liam was such a good boy. I think thats why I was such good friends with him though. It was a nice change to Louis, Jason and Rachel. Plus, Liam had introduced me to one of my best friends.

"Hey, Niall." A dark curly haired boy gave a big dimpled smile as he stopped next to my car. Speak of the devil.

"Hey, Harry." I said giving him the best smile I could.

"How was your weekened?" He asked as we walked toward Liam who was waiting by the back of his car. He fell into step beside us. The three of us looked so odd. Harry was like one of those really hot popular boys that everyone loved, Liam was that boy that everyone knew from the announcements and student council, a real smarty. And then there was me. The troublemaker.

"It was pretty great! Went to Louis' party!"

"Heard it was a right good time," Liam said politely giving me a small smile. He hated the idea of a party. All the drugs and drunk people. But that was my definition of a good ass time.

"It was amazing. I ended sleeping with Louis sister by mistake but hell it was awesome!"

"You slept with her?!" Harry gave me a shocked look as he nearly yelled but composed himself when eyes fell on us. "What did Louis say?"

"Not much. He just said not to do it again."

"But you will?" Liam guessed.


Liam gave a sigh as he shook my head. "What are we going to do with you?"

"Give me a drink, maybe?" I smirked jokingly and Harry gave a laugh. Liam just rolled his eyes. "Just jokin, mate, calm down, yea?"

"I know, I know.." He sighed as we reached the doors.

I smiled as I waved the boys off, making my way to the library. This year, I was assigned to work in the school library as an intern. What did you do as an intern to the library. Fucking boring. I pushed the doors open quickly and looked around. There was hardly anyone in here except a few nerds. The librarian, whose name tag said Judeth, stopped in front of me.

"Niall Horan?" She barked. A few eyes turned in our direction.


"Good, I have a lot to show you. Lets get started."


Twenty minutes later, Judeth had shown me all I needed to know about working in the library. It was all very simple, but for some reason the bitch thought she needed to go into every single little detail, like about how to swipe the cards the right way, and how to enter the books back into the system without a single mistake. Like seriously, perfectionist much?

The woman wheeled me a whole cart of books and set me to work on shelving all the damn books. This woman was crazy. This was going to be the worst part of my day... As I put the books back on the shelves, I thought of the other classes I had today. Next, I had gym with Michael and my friend Jordyn. That wouldnt be so bad. I wouldnt be partisipating, so it would be hyserical to watch Michael and Jordyn making complete idiots of themselves.

After gym I had Lit class with Harry. He would, of course, be letting me cheat off him the whole time. No fucking way I was actually going to work. Bullshit. After Lit was lunch, thank fucking god, with all of my friends. And then I had drama with Jason and Rachel, which I doubt would be a bad thing. It might actually be kind of fun. I could act like someone else for a change, rather than just some dick.

I cussed as I dropped one of the books to the floor and reached to grab it quickly before the cranky lady could say anything about damaging the knowledge or some shit. I didnt want to hear and wise book metaphors today. I was in the process of putting the book back into place when a book was removed from the other side. A pair of grey eyes met mine and all I could do was just stare. Well, wasnt I an idiot. I quickly placed the book in its place, blocking the eyes from mine, feeling quite embarrassed. I really was a fool.

I wheeled the cart to the other side, looking for the other person. No one was there. I checked the other aisles curiously but now the library was empty. I heard the doors shut and saw Judeth was clicking away at the computer. Whoever had been here had checked out in a rush. Must've had a hot date.


"Tag, you're it!" Michael laughed as he ran off.

Jordyn rolled her eyes after him. "Stupid smurf." She snorted. She turned to give my arm a poke. "Tag, you're it. No tag backs."

"Not playing." I grumbled.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." She said raising her eyebrows. Sassy little thing, she was.

"No, just not in the mood."

"You're never in the mood anymore. What happened to fun Niall? I miss him." She said before turning to walk toward Luke and Michael.

I stared down at my feet, feeling my throat sting. She was right. Since my mum, I had changed a lot. I was even more heartless before. Sometimes I began to wonder if it was still there. Maybe mum had taken the last of it when she left...


"Earth to Niall!" Harry said, waving a hand in my face. I had been to busy staring at Zayn. Fucking asshole. I hated him so much. Why did he think he was so cool? All he did was wear leather and make people think he was a bad ass. Although, I inked my skin with the same intention. So I guess I shouldnt judge. But he was a jerk. "What's up with you today?" Harry sighed.

"Sorry, zoned out again."

"You do that a lot here lately."

"Sorry," I said again, running a hand through my hair. "What were you saying?"

"Oh! Yeah! I met a new friend today! He's a Sophmore but he's really cool. His name is Mason."

"Sounds cool. How'd ya meet the chap?"

"We had first class together. The teacher tried to make him get up in front of the class but I totally saved him from humiliation. We had a fun talk after that." Harry chuckled, recalling his first class with this mystery boy.

I offered him a smile. "Well, thats nice. At least we know not all the under classmen are all hateful little fucks." Harry gave a laugh at my comment and we both turned our attention to the teacher who stood waiting for us to silence. Harry and I shared a glance and tried to hide our snickers.

After a whole class of nothing but reading some play by Shakespeare about some kind of murder, most of which I spent sleeping, the bell rang, signaling lunch. I jumped out of my seat quickly, gathering my things before I took off, not even bothering to wait for Harry.

"Hey!" Harry called as he caught up. "You do that all the time!"

"Learn to keep up then," I said shooting him a sarcastic smile.

The rest of the walk was made in utter silence. Way to make it awkward, Niall. I sighed as we reached the doors and Harry looked up at me, but didnt bother to ask what was wrong. He knew he wouldnt get an answer anyhow. I dropped my stuff at a vacant table and this time waited on Harry. We both scurried up to the line and waited our turn to get the crappy cafeteria food. I got myself pizza and french fries with a large soda and a big cookie and a cute little pastry. Harry simply stuck with an apple and a pastry of his own. As soon as my butt found my seat, I began to chow down on my food. I hardly even noticed Liam find his way to the table until I heard another small voice.

"Hi," the small voice said quietly.

"This is Mason, guys." Liam smiled.

"Hey, Mason!" Harry smiled.

"Oh, seems you're already aqainted." Liam said as he pulled out his chair to drop his backpack. "Wonderful. Would you like to get some food with me Mason?"

"Sure.." He said slowly. His eyes met mine as I took another bite of my pizza and I nearly choked. His eyes were the same grey eyes as the ones from the library. He seemed to make the connection as well and lowered his eyes, following along behind Liam like a lost puppy.

"Hey, nerds!" Jordyn said cheerfully as she plopped down next to Harry. She picked up Mason's backpack and chucked it easily. I caught it before it hit the floor, giving her a glare, and placed it in the chair next to mine.

"Someone was sitting there," I told her harshly.

"Well, now Im sitting here, and they can sit beside you." She nodded once before she dug into her own food and I sighed. I finished off my pizza and was slowly working on my fries when Liam and Mason returned. Mason glanced at Jordyn for a second before stopping and looking about to find his backpack. "Oh, I moved your shit." She said pointing to his bag. He nodded and made his way next to me, looking quite awkward in the process. "I hope you dont mind. Even if you did, I dont really give a shit anyways."

"Stop being rude, Jordyn." I snapped rolling my eyes.

She reached forward to snatch my pastry away, "Or what?"

I shoved out of my chair, knocking it over, making Mason jump. "Drop. The. Pastry."

"And if I dont?" She asked bringing the food close to her mouth. I grabbed the bottle of ketchup in the middle and pointed it in her direction.

"I'll shoot!" I told her.

She gave a smirk and stuck the pastry into her mouth. I growled a bit and squeezed the bottle. Her eyes widened and she ducked down quickly, avoiding the red condiment. The red stuff hit right into the leather jacket of....Zayn Malik.... Jordyn sat back up just in time to see Zayn slowly turning and her eyes widened. Mason looked around nervously, his eyes finding Liam, hoping for an explaination. But Liam was watching Zayn for his reaction.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Zayn threw his soda down as he rounded on my table, his eyes instantly finding mine.

"No problem. Well, maybe the problem is that I didnt get the ketchup in your eye." I shrugged. Liam shot me a warning glare.

"Trying to be funny, Horan?" Zayn shoved his chair away and moved until he was standing across from me at the edge of the table.

"I dont hear anyone laughing." I shot right back.

Zayn moved around the table until he was right in my face. Now the whole room had their eyes on us, waiting and watching. "You need to watch yourself Horan. Im tired of your attitude, got it?"

I shoved him back and away from me. "Get the fuck out of my face, you smell like shit." Next thing I knew, I felt a hit to my head and stumbled backward. The fucker had punched me! I regained myself and jumped at him, throwing him back against the table, making Mason jump up out of his chair and step away with Liam. I could hear Harry yelling behind us. Zayn pushed me away, causing me to crash into Mason and I heard him whimper. When I regained my balance, Zayn grabbed ahold of my throat, throwing me back against the wall until my head hit against the window.

There was a loud crack of glass and everything went black.



Hey guys! I hope you like this story so far! I literally have like the whole story pre written so now its just kind of the matter of me remembering to update. The more you want me to update just spam the comments, the emails drive me crazy and then I update c: so if you really like the story keep reminding me to update, okay? I forget a lot aha

Btw sorry for any errors, I dont really bother to edit much before I post


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