Tattooed Heart (Punk! Niall fanfiction)

Niall Horan is a very troublesome young man who is trying to live out his last year of highschool. Partying is one of his favorite things to do with his best friend Louis by his side of course. He's got himself a group of good friends and a family to rely on, but why is he so sad? Niall's life starts to get shook up and turns around when a sophmore finds his way into Niall's life. Niall tries his best to avoid the boy and not ruin anyone elses life, but its hard when the boy is everywhere he goes. And before he can stop it, Niall finds himself trapped.
(Warning: boyxboy ... dont like dont read!)


1. Chapter 1

I rolled over in the bed that smelled with a mix of perfume and pot. I wasnt exactly sure where I was at the moment, but I didnt care. I was tired as fuck. I shifted a bit and then let out a small grunt when my movements were restricted by another body beside mine. I stretched out and etched my way out of the bed, pulling my boxers back up my legs, my pants quickly following. I wasnt sure who the girl was, she was a pretty brunette with a nice bust. I didnt remember much, but I hope she wasnt a waste of time.

I slipped on my shirt as I walked out of the room, quietly closing the door behind me, so as not to wake the sleeping girl. Whether she had been good or not, she must be tired after being with me, not to sound cocky or anything. A few tired eyes glanced up at me as I entered the kitchen. Some were hungover, others just tired as shit, like myself. I smirked when I saw Louis rustling around his kitchen.

"Rad party, mate." I told him as I began to help clean up the mess, unlike the other useless fucks around here.

"Thanks, lad. Oh, by the way. Ever sleep with my sister again and I will fuck you up," he said giving me a cheeky grin.

"That was Daisy?" I asked with wide eyes. "Damn, she grew up fast... And good." I added at the end.

"Yes, and she's a Freshman, Niall, so dont try anything again. Letting you off with a warning this time." Louis said with more authority in his voice, he really meant it this time. Maybe I would fuck her again just to piss her off. The thought made me smile. "Thanks for helping me clean. Apparently all these other pricks have no manners." He said loud enough for the others to hear. They peeked at us and set to their feet, cleaning now as well.

After about twenty minutes of cleaning, we finally finished. I made my way to the neat living room and plopped on the fluffy couch and kicked my feet up onto the coffee table, watching the few people that were still here at 7am gathering themselves together to get home. My friends Jason and Rachel were among the few people I didnt know. Jason gave a grin and sat down beside me.

"Have a good night, man?"


"How was she?"

"Dont recall, actually." I said honestly, shrugging it off. I wanted him to drop it. If Louis heard, he would have Jason's ass above his fireplace.

Rachel smirked as she straddled my lap, running her hands through my hair. I smiled back at the black haired girl. "She must have been terrible if you dont remember. I can give you a great time. One that you wont forget." She whispered in my ear as she licked at my neck, nipping at my skin. I grabbed her bum, pulling her closer as she rocked against my hips.

Jason gagged beside us and we looked over at him. "Get a room." He rolled his eyes before quickly standing at the sound of a car door slamming.

Rachel climbed off my lap and ran to Jason's side. "Shit! My parents are back!" Louis yelled as he rushed into the room. "You all need to get out! Out the back door! Hurry. Niall, they dont mind you. Have a seat while I take them out. Say I'm taking a dump or something."

"Gotcha," I laughed as he began to usher them out quickly. I heard Jay enter the house, back from whatever trip. "Hello, Jay!" I called.

"Niall!" She said rushing in, dropping her bags to give me a hug. "Pleasant surprise! I imagine Louis was a good host with us gone?"

"Course, ma'am." I smiled to her and took her bags and took them inside while she turned to help her husband get the rest from the car. I wasnt sure of Louis' step fathers name, not that I gave a shit. I had known Louis a long time and met his mum quite a lot, but never his father. Or step father.

"Shut up, Mark!" Jay giggled as she came back in. Mark, then. His name was Mark. "Where is my son?" Jay asked as she looked to me.

"Oh, he said he had a rather large load to drop." I chuckled as she made a face.

"Oh, my son.."

"Mum!" Louis yelled as he ran back in and ran into her arms. No matter how many tattoos Louis got, how tough he acted, he would always be a mama's boy. And I would always give him shit for it. "How was America?"

"Quite nice. But I got homesick fast. I missed my babies." Jay said pinching Louis' cheeks, making me snicker.

"Mum..." He whined, swatting at her hands. She laughed before walking off into the kitchen.

"Did ya hear that, mate? She missed her baby." I snickered again as I gave Louis' cheek a teasing pinch.

He gave a glare and opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Jay yelling. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON, WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS?!" Jay had stormed in holding a bag of green and brown leafy like stuff and Louis and I shared a quick glance.

"Well, I think this is where I leave....Good luck." I told Louis, giving him a pat on the shoulder as I moved toward the door. The moment the door closed behind me, I could hear Louis arguing with his mum. He was so fucked. She didnt know he smoked and he hoped she would never know. Too bad he didnt clean up the evidence too well.


"Mum, I'm home!" I grabbed an apple off the counter as I walked through the kitchen. There was no answer. "Mum?" I called when there was no answer.

I came to a halt in the living room when I saw my father and brother. Greg had his face in his hands and my father slowly turned to face me. What was he doing here? A figure laid on the couch behind them, looking pale. I moved around them, dropping my apple to the floor.

"Mum?!" I shouted dropping to my knees next to her. I reached out to take her hand and flinched at her cold skin. "What happened?!" I could feel tears forming in my eyes at I turned to my dad.

"I dont know..." My father whispered. "She sat down last night saying she didnt feel well. She fell asleep on the couch and when I tried to wake her, she wouldnt wake."

"Is she..."

"Yes, Niall. You're mother is dead.. Maura is dead." My father made a small choking noise in the back of his throat. I felt hatred burn through me as I turned and stood to face him.

"Why didnt you take her to a fucking hospital!"

"I tried! She wouldnt let me!" He cried.

"You asshole!" I shouted, shoving him back. He let my mother die.

Greg grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I met his blood shot, sad eyes and sighed. He pulled me into his arms and I hugged him back, crying into my brothers shoulder. I hated this. I hated my father. He never cared for us. He lied and said he did but this was even more proof he didnt. Why wouldnt he take mum to a hospital if he loved her like he claimed...

I would never let that happen. If I ever loved someone, I would make sure to give my all and not be like my prick of a father. I had to be strong. I didnt have much of a chance of finding anyone to love. Who would love someone like me? A tattooed freak who did nothing but party. I was a wreck and not worth loving. I was incapable of loving. How did someone grow a bond that lasted forever? Hell, I could hardly make a bond that lasted an hour.. But if I ever did find a bond like that.... well I wouldnt let it go.

And thats a promise.


Hey guys! Im Kate. Sorry, I know its a bit rushed, I hope you dont mind. But the rest is way better, I promise. I really hope you like it, I have worked so so sooo hard on this story. Once the story gets going I will probably tell you a small cast of who I think the characters all look like. Obvi Niall is punk Niall but idek. And Louis is punk as well. (:


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