The Love Triangle


Let me tell you about my family..

Theirs me - Ivy Leonardo; a somewhat troubled girl with a complicated life.

My 17 year old twin brother - Ty; the one with the easier life.

Our older brother - Joey; 20 years old at college with his beautiful girlfriend Kelly.

Our younger brother - Jay; 16 years old and a big softy.

And of course our dad - Ben; The founder and owner of the most known clothing lines in the world.

The business got offered a partnership with another well known clothing line but it meant Ty, Jay and I had to move in with dads friend Edward and his family since he didn't want us to be traveling anymore. We had been traveling for the last four and a half years.




But did i forget to mention that Edward and his wife have 5 sons !?


4. What Happens At Home

Chapter 3.



During the ride home, Ty and I continued to joke at each other while Joey just told us to 'shut up' but it just made the both of us laugh.


"Hurry up you two!" Joey called to Ty and I. We had been messing with each others hair and didn't realise that Joey was already out of the car and standing at the front door to our house.

"Race you," I asked Ty but didn't wait for an answer and raced out of the car to where Joey was stood.

"Oi, no fair!" Ty complained once he caught up to us.

"Is the baby going to cry?" I teased and pinched his cheeks.

"Shut up the both of you and get in the house," Joey scowled at us.

"Yes sir," And we raced into the house with Joey waking behind us laughing.


"Daddy" I shouted once i spotted him in the kitchen with out younger brother Jay speaking about something but that stopped as soon as they saw us.

"Pumpkin," Dad hugged and kissed the top of my head.

"Daddy," Ty mocked me and high fived dad while i scowled at him.

"I hate my twin," I muttered and turned my back to them.

"But you love me really," Ty said from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Yes. Unfortunately your right there," I replied and lay my head on his chest.

"Thats disgusting! Get a room," Jay commented on the way we were standing while Joey and dad were laughing.


I turned around to look at him while Ty still had his arms wrapped around me. I glared at Jay, pried Ty's arms off of me and jumped onto Jay who was sat on the sofa opposite where i was stood before.


"Ahhh! Get off!" Jay shouted at me.

"Nope. Not until you say your sorry and that im the best person in the world and you love me more than anything!" I told him and kept tickling him.

"Okay, Okay! I'm sorry," He told me and i just made a 'mmm' sound waiting for him to say the rest.

"I love you more than i love Starbucks," Jay said through a fit of giggles. I smiled at the young boy and laughed.

"Well that's a first," Joey said.

"Who knew Jay would say that he loves his sister more than he loves Starbucks? And he loves Starbucks, a lot!" Ty commented.

"Thats one shocker," Dad mentioned.


"Alright guys, shut up! Jay here hasn't said the last thing," And they all went quiet at that point the i turned to Jay who was still laughing and trying to get away from my tickling.

"Im sorry for saying that you guys should get a room, i shouldn't have said that!" He told me and i was satisfied with his answer, i continued to tickle him for a few more seconds before bending down to kiss him on the nose.

"Good boy, little brother," I told him and stood up.

"Yeah yeah! But you can't really blame me for telling you to get a room when you stand like that all the time, can you?" Jay challenged.

"Yeah, Jay's right," Joey joined into the conversation. "You both act like you are boyfriend and girlfriend instead of brother and sister so you can't complain that people are saying stuff like that," He went on.

"Okay i get that we seem like we are a couple but its nothing more than a really, really close brother and sister love," I told them all and looked at Ty and smiled.

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