The Love Triangle


Let me tell you about my family..

Theirs me - Ivy Leonardo; a somewhat troubled girl with a complicated life.

My 17 year old twin brother - Ty; the one with the easier life.

Our older brother - Joey; 20 years old at college with his beautiful girlfriend Kelly.

Our younger brother - Jay; 16 years old and a big softy.

And of course our dad - Ben; The founder and owner of the most known clothing lines in the world.

The business got offered a partnership with another well known clothing line but it meant Ty, Jay and I had to move in with dads friend Edward and his family since he didn't want us to be traveling anymore. We had been traveling for the last four and a half years.




But did i forget to mention that Edward and his wife have 5 sons !?


5. The Announcement

Chapter 4.



"Right! Enough with this and on to what i need to tell you all!" Dad announced.

Joey, Ty, Jay and I all took a seat on one of the sofas and dad sat down on the one opposite us.

"As you all know," He started of. "David from work has been trying for a while now to get Pearls interested in our line of clothing and get a contract with them," dad paused to see if we understood.

"But hasn't David been trying to introduce the clothes line to them for ages now or something?" I asked

"Well, yes he has and Pearls have finially seen the clothes and want to give us a partnership to work with them," dad told us and by this point we were all so exited.

"OMG! Daddy, this is huge!" I jumped up and tackled him into a hug. I looked back at the boys who were still sat on the sofa but with giant smiles on their faces.

"Dad?" Ty asked once i had took a seat next to them again.

"Yes son?" dad replied and waited for what he was going to ask.

"Where is this partnership taking place?" He asked.

"That's the thing," He told us and looked down. After a few moments, he looked back at us again, "Because the partnership will last for two and a half year and it will take place in the New Orleans," The boys and i looked at each other.


"Are we coming with you?" Jay asked.

"As much as i would love for all of you to come with me, i just don't want to move you all to another country again. We've moved too many times in the past and i want you all to have the best education that you can and i don't think you coming with me will help any of that," He told us with a small smile.

"So where will we go? Live?" I asked.

"Well i was thinking about that last night. Do you all remember my old work colleague Edward Howells?" Dad asked us and we nodded our heads.

"Well i told him about our situation and he and his wife offered to look after you for until i come back or until Ty and Ivy are old enough to look after Jay," He continued.


"But what about Joey?" Jay asked.

"Its up to Joey what he wants to do. He can stay here and finished college or move with you guys and attend college their," We nodded our heads telling him we understood.

"Where are we moving to?" Ty asked.

"Well, Edward and his family live in Auckland so you'll be living there," He answered.


The rest of the time until dinner, i zoned out as the boys and dad spoke about what was going to happen.

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