The Love Triangle


Let me tell you about my family..

Theirs me - Ivy Leonardo; a somewhat troubled girl with a complicated life.

My 17 year old twin brother - Ty; the one with the easier life.

Our older brother - Joey; 20 years old at college with his beautiful girlfriend Kelly.

Our younger brother - Jay; 16 years old and a big softy.

And of course our dad - Ben; The founder and owner of the most known clothing lines in the world.

The business got offered a partnership with another well known clothing line but it meant Ty, Jay and I had to move in with dads friend Edward and his family since he didn't want us to be traveling anymore. We had been traveling for the last four and a half years.




But did i forget to mention that Edward and his wife have 5 sons !?


2. School Day.

AN_--So this is the first chapter of 'The Love Triangle' ! Hope you like it :)

Chapter 1.



As the day dragged on, the more i got bored. Currently i was walking to my last class of the day; english with Miss Rabb or Miss R for short. Although i was already late for class, i wasn't really caring since i was late for nearly every class.


"Your late Ivy," Miss R told me once i had entered the class and as usual everyone was looking at me.

"Is that not oblivious that im late?" I asked.

"Just sit down please," She told me. I done as she asked and waked towards my seat in the middle of the room. Miss Rabb continued on with what we were meant to be doing.


She began to hand out the booklets that we would be working on for the next week.

"Now, because this is a big project for just one person to do on their own, im going to let you do it in partners," She told us. Everyone cheered and started discussing who they wanted to be with but Miss R wasn't finished. "The down part is that i'll be picking the partners," And now the whole class groaned.


The teacher went back to her desk, picked up a bit of paper and started to call out names. I drowned out until it came to my name.

"And last but not least... Ivy and Tristian," Miss said and everyone looked at me for the second time in ten minutes.

"Miss, i don't work well with others," I told her.

"Well im sorry Ivy but your working with a partner today," Miss R told me.

"Fine but don't blame me if i end up killing someone," I muttered but she heard me.

"Don't be so silly Ivy, its one simple task. I only want you to get to know each other today."

"Fine," I gave in and waited for Tristian to come over to my desk.


"Hi," Said a voice next to me.

"Hey," I said quietly without looking up.

"So im Tristian," He told me like i was clueless.

"And im Ivy but you already knew that, right?" I looked up at him this time. He was a boy with blue eyes, brown hair and a slightly crooked smile.

"Uh, yeah," He chuckled awkwardly and smiled again.

"So..." I was about to reply to Tristian but the bell cut me off.

"Opps, there goes the end of the day," I told Tristian. He smiled at me and nodded his head.

"I guess it is," He agreed. A second later, i was already at the front of the class and heading to the classroom door.

"Bye Miss R!" I shouted to the teacher.

"Goodbye Ivy," She replied and i headed out of the classroom to meet my friends before i left.


I found them standing at my locker gossiping as usual.

"What the new gos girls?" I asked them once i got there.

"Did you not hear?" Abbi asked.

"Hear what?" I asked.

"That Conner Nichols got punched in the face by Daisy Cloes? She walked in on him cheating on her with Hollie Duncan!" Lillian said in a 'duh' voice.

"Really?" I was surprised Conner would do something like that. I was friends with both Conner and Daisy and never thought that either one of them were capable of doing that to each other.

"I thought they would be together forever!" Abbi told us.

"So did i," I replied, "As much as i love talking to you guys, i better get going before those brothers of mine bite my head off!" I told them.

"We don't want that, do we?" They said at the same time which make us laugh.

"Talk to you later girlies," I told them with a giant smile.

"Bye!" They said in unison once again.

I was almost at the front doors when Abbi shouted at me, "And don't let them bite your head off too!"
"I wont!" I shouted back and headed out the school to go home.



AN_--How was it??:)

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