The Love Triangle


Let me tell you about my family..

Theirs me - Ivy Leonardo; a somewhat troubled girl with a complicated life.

My 17 year old twin brother - Ty; the one with the easier life.

Our older brother - Joey; 20 years old at college with his beautiful girlfriend Kelly.

Our younger brother - Jay; 16 years old and a big softy.

And of course our dad - Ben; The founder and owner of the most known clothing lines in the world.

The business got offered a partnership with another well known clothing line but it meant Ty, Jay and I had to move in with dads friend Edward and his family since he didn't want us to be traveling anymore. We had been traveling for the last four and a half years.




But did i forget to mention that Edward and his wife have 5 sons !?


7. Moving Away

Chapter 6.



Sunday couldn't have came any quicker.

Yesterday we had a small get together with all our friends and family and then me and my friends went out for dinner afterwards.

After we got back from dinner, they all stayed over at our house so it was easier to say goodbye.

The morning came and we were all crying.


"Im going to miss you baby," Cyrus whispered in my ear after he pulled me into a hug.

"Im going to miss you too sweetie," I whispered back and hugged tighter.


Once we pulled away, i could see the tears building up in his eyes.

Suddenly, Rio pulled me into a hug.


"What am i going to do without you?" He asked.

"Im sure you'll find someone to replace me," I joked.

"Nobody could make up for you Ivy," Rio said.

"Im glad," I replied with a smile on my face.


Once Rio and i pulled away, i was spun around and pulled into another hug. Levi.


"What am i going to do without my best friend?" He asked.

"Im sure you'll cope," I teased.

"I hope so," He replied.


Next to pull me into a hug was Lillian but at the same time, Abbi pulled me into a hug too. We all laughed and continued with our three-way-hug.


"Just remember that we love you," Lillian told me.

"How could i forget that, i love you too!" I told her.

"And never forget us!" Abbi told me.

"How could i ever forget your ugly faces?" I asked in a joking tone.

"Don't get sarcastic now," Lillian started laughing.

"You know im joking, i could never forget any of you guys even if i tried," I reassured them.

"Thats good to hear," Abbi said cheery and we laughed once again.


Once we had finished laughing, i pulled Jack into a hug.


"Saving the best til last, i see," He laughed in my ear.

"Don't make me regret leaving you to last, Jacky Poo!" I coed in his ear.

"Whatever, Ivy Loo," We laughed at the nicknames we gave each other.


A while later, dad came out of the house with Jay and Ty behind him.


"Its time to go Ivy," He told me. I nodded at him and turned back to my friends.

"Im gona miss you guys like crazy!" I told them with tears building up in the corner of my eyes.

"We're going to miss you too," Levi said and we made a group hug for the last time. Now i was sure that my tears were flowing down my face.

"You guys are making me cry," I told them and let out a shaky laughed.

"Now you've got me crying!" Rio laughed and wiped his tears off of his cheek.

"Im gona miss your crazy asses," I told them.


"You might want to get your 'crazy ass' in the car if you don't want to annoy dad," Ty came out of nowhere and said.

"Okay," I nodded at him and looked down. I felt two fingers on my chin, lifting my head up.

"We'll talk every day on the phone or if we can't, we can text," Rio told me with a smile.

"Are theirs always Skype too!" Abbi reminded us.

"I guess you's are right. I just don't want to leave you all," I told them and started crying harder.

"We know but you'll see us soon," Lillian told me.

"How?" I asked.

"When we have holidays, we're going to fly out and stay with you for a while," Levi answered.

"Do you guys promise?" I asked them all and put my hand in the middle of all of us.

"We promise," Jack placed his hand on top of mine with a smile.


Mine and Jack's hands were closely followed by Rio, Lillian, Cyrus, Levi and Abbi's hands too.


"Well i guess this is goodbye until then," I stated.

"I guess it is," Cyrus clarified.

"Bye," I gave them all another hug before i walked behind me in the direction of where the car was parked.


Once i was sat in the back of the car, i turned around to face the back of the car and waved my right hand at my friends, and Joey who was now standing next to them, through the glass window with tears sliding down my face.


The further the car moved away from our house, the smaller my friends and brother became until i could no longer see them anymore.

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