The Love Triangle


Let me tell you about my family..

Theirs me - Ivy Leonardo; a somewhat troubled girl with a complicated life.

My 17 year old twin brother - Ty; the one with the easier life.

Our older brother - Joey; 20 years old at college with his beautiful girlfriend Kelly.

Our younger brother - Jay; 16 years old and a big softy.

And of course our dad - Ben; The founder and owner of the most known clothing lines in the world.

The business got offered a partnership with another well known clothing line but it meant Ty, Jay and I had to move in with dads friend Edward and his family since he didn't want us to be traveling anymore. We had been traveling for the last four and a half years.




But did i forget to mention that Edward and his wife have 5 sons !?


6. Finding Out

Chapter 5.



The rest of the night went well. We talked about what was going to happen in more detail and then i went to bed.

Joey decided to stay here and continue with college and stay in the house with his girlfriend Kelly. Joey said that he would come to see us whenever he had the chance and would call us all the time.

Ty, Jay and i were told that we would leave on Sunday which was two days away. For our school, we got a day off today so at that let us have today and tomorrow to pack everything we were taking and for me, there was LOADS!


"Girl, you have a lot of shit!" Jay told me from my bedroom door frame.

"You think i don't know that?" I asked.

"I was only saying sis," He told me.

"Little bro," I shook my head and stood up. With a 'tsk' sound, i made my way over to him.

I had a grin on my face which made him look scared and so he should be. I done the one thing he wasn't expecting me to do; hit him on the back of his head.

"What was that for?!" He placed his hand where i hit him and tried his best to look hurt.

"For that language of yours. If dad was up here then it would have been worse so grow up and stop being a drama queen," I patted his shoulder and waked down stairs.


On my way there, there was a knock at the door. Once the door opened, i was face to face with my best friends; Lillian, Abbi, Jack, Cyrus, Rio and Levi with smiles on their faces.


"What are you guys doing here?" I asked them.

"We heard what happened," Cyrus said with a small smile.

"How?" I asked.

"Jay put something about it on Facebook and i guess it spread quickly," Levi shrugged.

"Im going to kill him," I muttered to them and they laughed, "Anyway... you lot coming in or what?" I asked and held the door wide open.

"Of course," Rio announced and they all entered the house. We all headed out side to the back of my house and because it was a nice day, they all had their swimming stuff on under their clothes.

"I'll be right back, im away to put my bikini on," I told them and went up to my room.


When i came back, Cyrus and Abbi were having a water fight and Lillian, Jack, Levi and Rio were chatting.


"What happened with Conner and Daisy then?" I asked and sat next to the four.

"Did you really not hear?" Jack asked. He was the one who looked out for gossip the most out of the seven of us.

"Nope or i wouldn't be asking," I replied.

"Alright smartass," Rio nudged my shoulder playfully and laughed.

"Well from what i gathered, Daisy went over to Conner's house to surprise him but when she walked in to the house, she was the one to get the surprise," Jack told me.

"What happened?" I asked once again.

"Conner was in the living room with a half naked Hollie on his lap with his tongue down her throat when Daisy walked in and then they started shouting at each other and what not. Daisy had enough and slapped him across the face."
"Poor Daisy. I can't imagine what she feels like," I felt sorry for the girl. Although i seem like a bitch to everyone, i do still have a heart.

"Tell me about it. They were the 'it' couple and now its like the end of the world," Lillian said.

"Girl, you wouldn't know the end of the world until it bit you in the ass," Levi replied and we all laughed.


We were all having loads of fun and just having a laugh most of the time. They all stayed for dinner and then we went to the games room.


"I love you all and i don't know what im gonna do without you guys with me in Auckland!" I suddenly blurted out and the all looked at me like i had grown three heads.

"We'll miss you too but right now, can we finish the movie?" Levi said.

"Yeah i guess so," I replied and we laughed.

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