They glow under the Full Moon, They"re invisible under light of day,
the tactics are un matched, They own weapons that proceed all others.
But a Leader will emerge that will surpass even there best warrior.

The Dawners have reached us.

From Jack


4. Survivors



  Only seeing a blur and slow moving objects I roll over and try to stand up and barely seceed. I start stumbling forward until being hit down from my back. I roll over and see a tall figure standing above. All of a sudden everything came back to me memory, pain throughout my body, and vision.

  I immediately pull out my sidearm and point it at the Commando Dawner but the gun is kicked out of my hand. It raises it's Blast Cannon up at me that is built into its armor and covers it's arm. Red starts to apare and glow over my face. I started to get weak again, Bang! Bang! A gun fires and makes the Dawner stumble back.

  I see another figure walk into my line of sight but this was a human. The Dawner swings his arm hitting the man making him fly back. He quickly comes back to his feet and start shooting the Dawner but It turns invisible. The man starts walking back but then gets hit to the ground. He is picked up by the neck and is lift to the Dawner's glass like mask that starts to open and show the Dawner's face. 

  I crawl over to my gun and pick it up and stand up. "Hey ugly over here" I yell at him starting to to shoot. He throws the mans body at me making me stop shooting. Then he quickly walks over to me and tries to hit me but I pull out my knife and stab him through the chest. He stumbles back before falling dead.

  "Hey hey get up." I hear waking up. I open my eyes and see the man that help me. "Thanks." I reply. I stand up and see David standing near. "Hey John meet Jack, Jack this is John." David introduces us. "Hi." We both say. "Wait David wheres William." Jack asks. "Sorry but I think he been captured by the Dawners with are pilot Palmer."  

  "Wait are you the Jack from first contact." I ask.  "Yep the one and only"                


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