They glow under the Full Moon, They"re invisible under light of day,
the tactics are un matched, They own weapons that proceed all others.
But a Leader will emerge that will surpass even there best warrior.

The Dawners have reached us.

From Jack


3. Invasion Force



  "Hey, we're coming close to shore." Palmer yelled at us. "Ok, Frostbite prepare to deploy." William commands us. I got the ropes ready for are deployment and strapped my gun over my shoulder so it would be on my back. 

  "Brace for impact!" Palmer suddenly screams at us. Boom! A large explosion hits are helicopter and sprays blue sparks past are faces. "Hold on we're going down." Palmer prepares us. The helicopter started to spin continuously. I started to get dizzy but not scared. and dark just pure darkness.

  I wake up on my stomach and only seeing a blur. I look forward and see trees then a few figures in the distance walking off. I shut my eyes and open then again it's pretty easy to tell time has passed from looking at the shadows. I got up and look at the burning helicopter about fifteen feet away from me. 

  I look at the ground trying to find my weapon that slipped away. While walking closer to wreckage I see david collapsed on his back under the tail of the Huey. "David, David." I say running over him. "Come on David get up. I continue while trying to pull him out from underneath the helicopter. 

  "Aaaaa." David moans still collapsed. Right after I pull him out I grab his collar and repeat his name until. "John, what happen." He says trying to sit up. "The helicopter crashed." I reply. "Wheres William and Palmer." He asks me. Inside of answering him I rush over to the cockpit and don't see anyone, not just in the cockpit everywhere. 

  While looking around I see blood on the leafs of a plant. "Someone got here first." I say to David who is walking close to me. "John we have to get to the beach, theres no way we alone can save them." He tries to convince me and seceded in doing so. We grab what we can salvage and run the beach.

  We start to hear loud explosions mean we're getting closer to the battle. we reach a clearing full of sand. I realize i'm behind enemy lines. We quietly go behind a Dawner made building. Turn on your X-Ray thermal vision. I put an the a gas mask with that built in it. we both put our backs to the wall but from the opposite side of the door. I look at the wall and see twelve targets. "I'm sending you targets now." I say to him marking the targets with the mask.

  I plant C4 on the door pulling out the detonator. "Got the gas ready." I say to him. He pulls out and shows me he gas in his hand. BOOM! I blow the door and David throws the smoke in we both twist around holding are guns up and walk in shooting. After the first shot the went invisible but we can still see them so we continue shooting. After they start shooting at us we walk back out and hide behind the wall I pull out a grenade making him do the same. 

  We both throw are in. BOOOM! They exploded scrabbling are masks and hopeful killing all of them. When most of the smoke clears we look in and see only the end them all died. "All right yay!" David yells out. We walk in hoping to find some undamaged coms. 

  We turn out to be unsuccessful. I walk out with David. I look over a the fleet and see a destroyer firing a missile at the beach. "Uh, David run! I scream at him. We run for about ten seconds till heat burns my back and force launches me. I land only again seeing a blur then I faint.     


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