They glow under the Full Moon, They"re invisible under light of day,
the tactics are un matched, They own weapons that proceed all others.
But a Leader will emerge that will surpass even there best warrior.

The Dawners have reached us.

From Jack


1. Dawners


  For all that will fight against us will tremble beneath us. 

Flee from our ships. Terror from our face in battle. 

This is war unlike any other and you we lose. We are The Dawners  


  Its been seven years long years since that message was sent to Humanity. Seven long years And in those years the color that showed the most was red, the red that was brought upon by the Dawners. Now don't get me wrong we fought well but they out thought us, out numbered us, and out gunned us. But from underneath the blood of those who fell, there rose men that would defy even the best Dawner expectations and that led to something the Dawners never expected. A faith of determination that let the men dominate on the battle field and let them drive back the Dawners to the own ships that now orbit the Earth.

            I'm Jack             


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