They glow under the Full Moon, They"re invisible under light of day,
the tactics are un matched, They own weapons that proceed all others.
But a Leader will emerge that will surpass even there best warrior.

The Dawners have reached us.

From Jack


2. 2029

John P.O.V

  "Its a great time to be alive isn't it." David asks me sarcastically. "Yeah its a great time to be a marine on an aircraft carrier going to South America." I reply back to him I turn my head from the ocean and see Admiral Cole walking over to us.

  I warn David. Then the Admiral reaches us. "David, John." he say to us. "Admiral Cole sir!" we say loudly, saluting him. "At ease men." he says to us. "Now when we hit landfall Dawner resistance to survive we're going to need every hand at work." Admiral Cole starts. I your squad Frostbite on the ground on the front lines, you need to secure the beach so are ships can land. We're eighteen hours out, gentlemen, good luck to us. He finishes and starts to walkaway. I immediately look at my watch and see the time is 6:27 P.M. I look at David with a concerned face and he says, "Finally we're going to see some action." We both start laughing.

  "John, John, John!" I wake up alarmed. I look up and see David's face hovering by my bunk. "Come on get up, we're here." I slide out of my bunk and start quickly following him to the armory.

  We reach the armory. David opens the door and runs in. I go in and quickly pull out a knife and a pistol. "Here." David say making me look at him. Once I look he tosses a Scar-H assault rifle to me, I catch it with one hand then load it. After about fifteen seconds of picking out weapons David says as he gestures to the door, "Come on Palmer's waiting for us." 

  We make it to the door to the deck. I open It and then am blinded by the high noon sun. I walk out and look to the nearest land. I see large flashes on it's beach line meaning the battle has already started. I look up at the sky once my vision clears only to see an Apache helicopter crashing down torwards us.

  I drop my gun and start walking backwards still looking at the sky and see in the corner of eye that David was doing as I was. I soon turn my body and start run to the back of the ship. After I start running I hear a large crash sound behind us that continued meaning the chopper was sliding to us.

  The ship starts to shake like an earthquake mostly meaning its been hit by some kind of Dawner weaponry. David and I both fall on our hands and immediately turn on our backs crawling away from the Apache that was coming some much closer. The helicopter's blades started to turn in our direction and close in to us.

  My minds fills with terror, the helicopter is just about hitting my feet but thankfully it stops about a foot away from my legs. David stands up and lends his hand out to help me up. I grab his hand out and he pulls me up and pats me on the back smiling. I run over to the cockpit of the helicopter. I pull out my pistol and break the glass with the bud of the gun. I check the pulse on the pilot and don't feel any heart beat.

  I look at David and shake my head. "Well's there nothing we can do now, come on." He says starting to to walk over to pick up his gun. I stay there for just a few seconds staring at the pilot's dead body before jogging over to David. He tosses me my gun that he found and gestures to the other end of the ship.

  We reach the helicopter with Palmer in the cockpit and William are squad leader in one of the seats in the Huey helicopter. "Hey you guys ok, I saw what happened back there." William questions us with his english accent. "Barely, our legs almost got cut off," I reply. 

  "You fly it good, Palmer." William tells us. "K i'll try to crash it softly" She replies smiling. "Ok, lets go boys."  Palmer added starting up the engine.  We lift off and started flying to shore. "I heard Jack made it to shore," Palmer started. "Really Jack, what ship did he come in?" David asks in shock. "Don't know but Admiral Cole told me so." "Wait who's Jack?" I quickly ask before they continue. "He a war hero, he's soul surviver of first contact and fought at the the Battle of London," William responds to me. I look away and think about the Battle of London, the war ending battle.                             


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