Changed our life forever..

Eva and Sophie are just two normal girls, when they go to a club and meet One direction, they were with there boyfriends however One direction spotted the girls and took a fancy, This will change there life forever!


2. Shopping..Evas Dress!

Eva and Sophie were in the car blasting some tunes, singing along to there music, Eva was driving Sophie was in the passenger..

"Sophie what type of look are you going to go for tonight?"

"I don't really know, defiantly a dress because its a party?"
"Yeah im thinking the same?"

"So we've decided on a dress!"


They arrived at the shopping centre..

The Jumped out the Car and walked in..

"What shop shall we go to Sophie?"

"I have no Idea!"
"Lets have a look in all!"
"Okayy HAHAHA!"

They walked into NEXT..

Eva was looking at a Short Black dress and A short  baby pink dress..

"These two are really nice! Oo oo Theres another one!!"

It was a Red tight Dress.. Pale red not bright!

Sophies POV;

"That dress is nice Eva!"

I really think that would suit Eva!
"Eva. What do you think of this one?"

It was a short baby blue dress, a bit loose so when you spun the dress spun with you..

"Yeah that's Really Nice Sophie!"
"Yeah shall we look in other shops just incase?"

"Yeahh Lets go quiz!"



They walked into Quiz and Eva spotted the one she wanted straight away!

"Omg! Im in Love!!"

"Haha Eva!"

Eva ran over to this;


"Oh Sophie I love this!"

"I think it will Amazing on you!"


"Yeah! Go try it on!"


Eva ran out in this dress she looked wonderful!

"You've gotta get this Eva!"

"Okay I will!"

"Theres one thing missing!"

"What Sophie?!"


"Oh yeah!"

Eva and Sophie ran round the shop looking for some shoes for Eva to wear!

Sophie found some!

"Eva Look these would go!"



"Oh yeah, Thanks Sophie!"


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