Changed our life forever..

Eva and Sophie are just two normal girls, when they go to a club and meet One direction, they were with there boyfriends however One direction spotted the girls and took a fancy, This will change there life forever!


3. Shopping Sophies dress!


Sorry if you didn't see Evas dress, basically its a short Pink dress with a think black belt..


Sophie was looking round the shop when she spotted this Short Red dress, lose enough so when she twirled it twirled with her!

"Oh Eva Look isn't this Beautiful?"

"Oh god yeah! that would look lovely on you hunnie!"

"I'll go try it on"

Sophie ran into the changing room and asked Eva to get her some suitable Heels not too high but not too small..

she ran and got these:



"Yeah Okay Eva They'll do!"


They went and Grabbed a Bag that would go and some accessories' They paid and Hopped back into the Car! 

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