Changed our life forever..

Eva and Sophie are just two normal girls, when they go to a club and meet One direction, they were with there boyfriends however One direction spotted the girls and took a fancy, This will change there life forever!


1. Morning..

Evas POV;

I woke up and rolled over, and fell of the bed..


Sophie came running in..

"Eva whats the matter?"

"Kinda rolled off the bed"

"Oh god eva you do make me laugh!"
I climbed back in the bed and Sophie jumped in,

"So eva you looking forward to going to the club tonight.."

"Yeah yeah are you?"

"Yeah it should be fun!"


My phone bleeped..

* Hey Baby me and Matt will pick you two up

at 7:30 for the Party-Love you\xxxx*

*Hello Jordan! Yeah okay We'll be ready!

Love you 2!!xxxxx*

"It was Jordan Sophie, Him and Matt are picking us up at 7:30."

"Okay then"

Sophies POV:

"Eva lets get ready and go shopping for some clothes for tonight."

"Oh Yay Shopping!"

I hoped out if Evas Bed and Ran Into my room to get some clothes..

I hopped into some Red Skinny jeans,

and chucked on a blue stripy top,

Shoved my wavy brunette hair in a pony.

and slipped on some blue converse..

Evas POV;

I jumped out of bed and scanned my wardrobe I pulled out some black skinny jeans

A pink Lacy top and threw on a leather jacket

Quickly Straighted my Blonde hair,

Threw On some some pink timberland boots and shouted Sophie..






Eva and Sophie hopped in Evas Car and drove into town...


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