Changed our life forever..

Eva and Sophie are just two normal girls, when they go to a club and meet One direction, they were with there boyfriends however One direction spotted the girls and took a fancy, This will change there life forever!


4. Club(Part0ne)

Eva and Sophie got back and started to get ready they curled each others hair and then sprayed it with hairspray, they sat in the mirror and put some makeup on like mascara and lipstick. They then slipped into there little short dresses and placed on there heels, helped each other put the necklaces on then grabbed there bag and called a cab.


Evas POV;

We arrived at the club..

When we got out someone wolf whistled us so we quickly ran into the club.

We reached the bar and ordered a drink.

"Can we have two glasses of red wine please?"

"Yes Maddam"

Thankyou I replied.

We sent down in the corner when I spotted One Direction!

"Oh gosh Sophie look! A boy band!"

"Oh god yeah One D!"

We liked there music but we wasn't mad over them..

Don't get me wrong we think there all So handsome!

But we wasn't like Crazy for them:)





Eva got up and grabbed Sophie's hand they started to dance when Sophie pipped up

"Eva The Harry Styles and Niall Horan are staring at you!"
"Omg really!"

Eva was turning pink!

"Well Something I was going to tell you was Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have been staring at you too!"
Eva and sophie got embarrassed and went and sat down.

They were talking about the wine and having a laugh..


Harrys POV:

Omg the one in the Pink dress is beautiful!

I want to go and go talk to her!

Come on Harry!

Man Up!!

Go speak to the pretty Girl!!


Liams POV;

That Girl in the red dress tho!

I need to go and Speak to her!

But what if she don't like me!

Oh god Liam!








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