Changed our life forever..

Eva and Sophie are just two normal girls, when they go to a club and meet One direction, they were with there boyfriends however One direction spotted the girls and took a fancy, This will change there life forever!


5. Club Eva and Harry

Eva decided to get up and grab another drink for Sophie and herself..

Harrys POV;

Now is your chance Harry!

Man Up!

Go speak to that Pretty Girl In the Pink!

!Okay That's It Im Going!




Harry approached Eva..

He stood next to her at the Bar and stared at her..

Eva looked at him. Blushed and smiled and looked away.

She ordered 2 Vodka and Cokes..

she went to pay when someone else paid for her she turned around to see harry smiling at her..

"Oh Thank-You, You didn't have to do that!"

"Anything for a pretty Girl!"

"Haha.Anyway Nice too Meet you Harry!"
"Same for you..?"

"Oh Eva The names Eva "

"Beautiful Name Love."
"Aw Thanks"

Harry Pulled Out A piece of paper and wrote his Number on and shove it between Evas Boobs And Winked..

She laughed and walked away..

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