The Pros and Cons of Living

*Warning* Opinion alert!! If you are afraid of people speaking their minds leave now!


2. what does it really mean?

Believe. Such a simple word that can evoke such meaning. Some people think of the one they love, some think of a religious figure. However; there are those people who see the lie in it. A real belief is something that will not change not matter what evidence, no matter what anyone else thinks or says about it. Where there is a belief there is a closed door. There is a light and a dark to everything. Every rose has its thorns and every human has its hate. That's the way I see it. You can either follow the path of the "norms" or you can create your own path. There will be dark, I would say there will be light, but that's not entirely true. They always say that  light comes at the darkest hour, and thats not entirely true either. Have you ever been in a room that was pitch black at first, but then after a while you begin to see small details? Life can be like that sometimes. After so long in the dark it becomes familiar and you're not really sure if you want it to go away. It is cold, harsh, confusing, and even crippling, but it's what you know. 

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