The Pros and Cons of Living

*Warning* Opinion alert!! If you are afraid of people speaking their minds leave now!


3. A how to guide for being yourself

Pro- you don't have to constantly keep up with who you are "supposed to be"

Con- you have to put up with those who don't understand that all you can be in yourself.

I used to think that being yourself meant not caring at all what other people thought of you, about just not giving a shit. Wrong. Some people can't help but care what other people think. That's who they are. However; you can also change yourself. Some say that people never change, with can be true, but only to a certain extent. Okay, imagine with me. Let's say, from when you were able to put together actual words that actually made sense (so about 4 or 5) until about junior high, you had always been super outgoing and had a permanent smile always on you face. Well junior high comes around, and oh no, your friends have now found new friends which has forced your little outgoing self to befriend a new group of people you've never once talked to and your old buddy have completely forgotten you and you've forgotten them. Well this new group is a lot different, and you feel like you're having a hard time be accepted (who didn't then though).Desperate to be one of them, you slowly adapt to you surroundings, and take parts of each of these people and apply them to yourself. Before you know it you've become somebody you don't even know anymore. You've changed. 

Fast forward 3 years and you've now started high school. You dumped your old friends because you could finally see they were toxic. Well now you have gotten so used to acting a certain way around your old friends, you don't remember how to be yourself anymore. So what now? The answer is simple really. Anything. You can be anyone, do anything. The great part of it is you can still be yourself. You don't have to go through the scenario I just described, but you can still do it. Only if you let yourself.

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