Adalyn: A Divergent Story

This is a story about a Divergent girl, Adalyn, who is going to do her fear landscape.


2. The Fear Landscape part 2

I found myself on a bus. The next stop was my street, so I decided that it might be a good idea to get off. I knocked on the door and there were my two parents, on the couch with my brother. “Mom? Dad? Jonathan? Why aren’t you at the choosing ceremony?” I asked, trying to be as calm as I could.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name. Who are you? Are you lost?” My mother asked, her eyes looking dull. I looked at my own mother, and started to cry.

“You’re my mother! And I’m your daughter! Adalyn Donin! Don’t you remember me?” My mother looked at me as if I was an unsolved puzzle. “I’m sorry darling. I’m not sure who you are. Would you like me to call your parents?” She asked again.

    “No, thats fine. If you choose not to remember me, then I don’t know if you really are my family!” I cried. I ran into the streets until I found Chrissy’s house. By this time, my boots were caked with mud and my beige skirt was a chocolate brown. I knocked softly, and the door swung open. “Addie? What are you doing here? It’s almost time for the choosing ceremony!” Chrissy said.


I opened my eyes. “What’s happening? Jeremy? Mom? Dad? Jonathan? Chrissy?” I whispered. I searched for a door and slid it open. The bright, natural light blinded me. Everyone looked at me as I left. I ran down the corridor to find Jeremy in his dorm. He was sitting in bed, bare from the waist up. His tattoos were clearly visible and he looked at me. “How was it?” He asked. “It was alright, I guess.” I started to cry and I lied down next to him on his bed. He wrapped his arms around me and quietly whispered. I’m not sure what he was saying, but I liked it. I kissed his cheek, then my lips found its way to his. I wrapped my arms around his and felt his back, and then to his shoulders, which were covered in tattoos. My hand gently touched each tattoo. I wished that I could stay there forever. In the arms of my one love.

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